The sectors of intervention concerned in transition management
Publié le 13 Jan 2021

The sectors of intervention concerned in transition management

Interim management has been able to adapt to the constraints of changing companies. To meet their challenges, firms specializing in interim management have set up and have seen their expertise grow each year.

What is interim management?

Interim management is top management. It intervenes when changes must be put in place and when the purpose of these changes is to improve the performance and competitiveness of a company.

Le management de transition intervient sur une période donnée : son champ d’actions concerne des situations passagères et des périodes de transformation importantes.

Why hire an Interim Manager?

Companies using the skills of an Interim Manager do so when they find themselves in a particular situation, such as:

  • Manage a crisis situation
  • Develop a new activity within the organization
  • Transform the functioning of the structure
  • Developing skills internally
  • Temporarily replace a senior manager

Using an Interim Manager makes it possible to have an expert available in less than 48 hours who is able to manage a complex situation that is unknown to the company. He has skills that are not necessarily present in-house.

Interim management is the appropriate response for many evolving or transforming companies. The latter can turn to interim management when they want to boost their growth , improve operational performance, increase financial performance or even provide an outside perspective or meet a need for urgent skills building.

Interim managers are as adept at monitoring change management as they are at being involved in turnarounds and restructurings, mergers and acquisitions or site closures.

Which sectors are concerned?

All CODIR functions are present. Interim Managers have already had experience leading and supervising teams at a high level.

Interim management concerns hierarchical positions as well as cross-functional projects , in support of hierarchical lines.

All sectors of the economy can resort to interim management at some point. Administrations and foundations are also affected by this type of management. All sectors are concerned: the needs to ensure greater efficiency or to implement complex projects are present in all economic areas.

All types of companies are also affected by interim management. Whether for SMEs, ETIs, Group Business Units, investment funds, or large accounts, interim management retains all its relevance.

How to start an Interim Management Mission?

Any transition management mission is prepared upstream. Even before choosing the profile of the Manager, the needs of your company are collected. Then, the objectives of the mission are defined and the characteristics of the profile(s) sought are identified.

Reactive Executive then searches, in its network of experts of more than 10,000 managers, for the Manager who perfectly meets the predefined criteria. These criteria are based on managerial skills, expertise and soft skills , among others.

Shortly before the start of the mission , you will have the opportunity to discuss with the Transition Manager . You will be able to explain to him the stakes of the intervention, the key stages of the mission, the duration of his mission and the objectives to be achieved.

The Transition Manager begins his mission on your premises . Immediately operational, he will establish an action plan and list each step to be taken as well as the deadlines. He will also be able to involve employees in the implementation of the strategy.

The goal of this step is to federate the teams around a common objective and to start the mission effectively.

Throughout the mission, which lasts between 6 and 18 months on average, the Interim Manager will report on the progress of the situation with regard to the overall objectives.

At the end of the mission, the Transition Manager will take stock with you. It will also leave you with a roadmap: it will allow you to ensure the continuity of tasks and pursue other objectives.

Choosing the right interim management firm:

For your transition mission to take place in the best conditions, do not hesitate to define the mission beforehand, as well as its duration. Also find out what expertise you will need to deal with your problem.

To increase your chances of being put in contact with the right Manager, rely on a firm that is already well established. He will thus have at his disposal an extensive network of experienced and qualified Managers .

Also find out about the follow-up of the mission: is it just a connection? Or does the firm carefully follow the progress of the mission, before, during and after the mission?

We advise you to choose a firm specializing solely in interim management . As this field has its specificities, it is necessary to contact a firm that is aware of the particularities of interim management.

The places of intervention of Reactive Executive:

The Interim Managers selected by Reactive Executive are very mobile. They are able to intervene throughout France or internationally.

Reactive Executive is also established internationally. This allows us to have a global vision on missions requiring many trips, such as the acquisition of a subsidiary.

How to become an interim manager?

An Interim Manager is a high-level executive. Having more than 20 years of experience on average in team management and management, he adapts very quickly to the company for which he must carry out his mission.

With good interpersonal skills, he is able to unite his teams around the new project. Available, responsive and pedagogical, the Interim Manager will know how to interact with employees as needed.

Reactive Executive operates throughout France and internationally . We are present in all major French cities:

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