Our management firm in Strasbourg and its Grand Est region

Interim Management in Strasbourg and its Grand Est region will interest you. As an entrepreneur, you understand that the know-how of your employees is the main strength of your company. However, some projects worry you, because your current Managers do not have all the skills to ensure the success of these operations. Our Transition Management firm in Alsace introduces you to experts who can join your teams at any time and for only a few months. This is the time needed for them to carry out these strategic missions for your company.

Are you looking for a General Manager M/F? A Director of Human Resources M/F? A Financial Director M/F? For each function, Reactive Executive selects the interim manager best suited to your project and your corporate culture in less than 48 hours!

Contexts specific to interim management

Several very sensitive projects punctuate the life of companies. These are periods when all the expertise of the Service Directors is called upon. However, while the skills of these Managers are evident and appreciated in the management of day-to-day business, they are absent or incomplete when it comes to specific files such as: The takeover of a competitor or a supplier, a merger -acquisition An IPO, a carve-out or a spin-off The closure of a production unit, a turnaround, a restructuring , a job safeguard plan Introduce a change in the business model or working methods, particularly those resulting from the digital transformation. To carry out these operations, you need an expert for a few months. The best profile is the Transition Manager .

The skills of an interim manager

While your company’s usual team gets bogged down in the choices to be made for these fundamental projects, an Interim Manager will evolve quickly by immediately making the right decisions. His professional career is full of missions of the same type, he has therefore acquired real expertise in his field of intervention. Calling on a Manager for a Transition mission in Strasbourg means calling on an operational or decision-making framework available in a few days, who adapts quickly to a work environment, who focuses on the success of his mission in respecting the defined deadlines. If his remuneration is higher than the average salary of a manager with a permanent contract, it is quite affordable when you measure his skills, his dynamism and his profitability .

The mission of an interim manager in Strasbourg

Our Transition Management firm in Strasbourg and its Grand Est region is regularly consulted by Alsatian entrepreneurs. Their activity covers many economic sectors in the region: Industry, Trade, Construction, Health, Logistics, Services, Education… This diversity is also found in the hierarchical level of Interim Managers. These can be mid-level or Chief Executive positions. Our teams of Interim Managers are Directors of Operations , Purchasing, Sales, Logistics, Finance, Human Resources, Production, Training, etc., even the position of General Manager . Their missions in Strasbourg and in any other commune of Bas-Rhin generally last between 3 and 18 months.

Reactive Executive is a renowned Transition Management firm , present in Strasbourg but also throughout France and around the world. Available, attentive to your needs and respectful of our commitments, we design tailor-made solutions. We intervene regularly within the framework of a Management Relay, to replace at short notice the absence of a Director for health reasons, a dismissal or a resignation.

Our firm offers the intervention of interim managers in Strasbourg on all managerial issues and other structural emergencies.