Our Transition management firm in Nice and its Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region

Interim management is an original formula which is attracting growing interest. As in many French towns, using the services of an interim manager in Nice and its Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region is a wise solution for local businesses faced with unprecedented situations.

Are you looking for a General Manager M/F? A Director of Human Resources M/F? A Financial Director M/F? For each function, Reactive Executive selects the interim manager best suited to your project and your corporate culture in less than 48 hours!

What are the challenges for a business leader?

The ability to quickly adapt to a versatile environment has become an essential entrepreneurial value. Digital transformation , change of business model, successful merger-acquisition , international development, etc., the importance of projects and the speed with which they must be carried out are often perceived as contradictory elements. Faced with an ambitious project, it is common for a business leader to find that his current team does not have the necessary skills to achieve the objective.

Options and a solution

To improve his performance , a leader will evaluate different options:

  • Recruit an expert, without necessarily needing one in the long term.
  • Accommodate the forces present, but without having the required skills in the short term.

He is thus unaware of a much more suitable solution: to be accompanied by a transition manager , an operational transition executive at short notice. Reactive Executive brings you this solution.

Reactive Executive, the interim management firm in Nice (06)

Founded in 2012 , our firm quickly established itself in the interim management sector in Nice and its Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region, as everywhere in France and around the world. We are appreciated for our quality of listening, our reactivity and our ability to provide tailor-made solutions. Our interim managers are perfectly experienced in the planning, deployment and successful completion of the projects entrusted to them. Interim managers are not careerists; they are not destined to settle in the company. They work in the sole interest of their clients. A transition mission in Nice generally lasts between 6 and 18 months.

You want to call on an interim manager in Nice within your departments accountant , financial , logistics , purchases , IT , legal , human resources , sales , general management , digital transformation… We can quickly present to you the executive you need to compensate for the absence of one of your directors or to lead a strategic mission.