Our management firm in Bordeaux and its Nouvelle-Aquitaine region

Interim Management in Bordeaux and its Nouvelle-Aquitaine region is a flexible and effective formula. It provides a response adapted to specific needs and during singular periods of the company. Like other entrepreneurs in the Aquitaine region , you too are engaged in sensitive operations that require specific skills. A Transition Manager brings you this ability to properly manage these strategic moments. Our Transition Management firm in Bordeaux is at your disposal to offer you a tailor-made solution.

Are you looking for a General Manager M/F? A Director of Human Resources M/F? A Financial Director M/F? For each function, Reactive Executive selects the interim manager best suited to your project and your corporate culture in less than 48 hours!

Fields of intervention of interim management

Different transactions have consequences for the structure and organization of your business. These operations are often of an exceptional nature. They usually only happen once, but depending on your industry and your vision for your business, they can happen again at different times.

These milestones can be qualified as projects of:

Transformation : change of business model, external takeover, improvement of performance, international development, etc.

Turnaround : site closure, recovery plan, turnaround, etc.

Relay Management : compensate for the planned or unforeseen absence of an important executive. For these operations to be successful, they must be entrusted to real specialists. The Transition Manager is the person you need.

The characteristics of an interim manager

The Transition Managers of our Bordeaux teams know the local fabric very well. Their experiences have led them to practice their profession in other regions of France. The majority of them speak a foreign language, sometimes two or more. It is not uncommon for their CVs to include international assignments. Natural leaders, they quickly establish themselves in their new work environment. Focused on the success of their mission, they develop healthy working relationships with their colleagues and create a dynamic atmosphere in the teams for which they are responsible. Available, flexible and open to the exchange of points of view, the Transition Manager is however determined and inflexible on the tasks to be carried out and the deadlines to be respected.

Interim management missions in Bordeaux

Many entrepreneurs in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region regularly contact our Bordeaux Transition Management firm . We offer them Manager profiles that correspond to the mission to be fulfilled. Our team is therefore made up of experts in Production, Logistics, Commercial, Financial and Human Resources Management. They occupy the positions of Operational Managers or Business Leaders in the Bordeaux sector . They can belong to the Management team and can sit on a Board of Directors. They can also only intervene for a few months to provide Relay Management between the departure of an executive and the arrival of his successor. They can also work for two years to ensure the launch and implementation of complex and sensitive missions.

Since 2012, Reactive Executive has offered Interim Managers to entrepreneurs and managers in the Gironde who are faced with unusual situations. Contact us to tell us about your project. In Bordeaux, as everywhere in France or internationally, we offer a personalized service. We are at your disposal to write the definition of needs, the selection of the proposed profiles and the support of the Transition Manager during his probationary period. We can provide one or more Managers at the same time.