Reactive Executive is committed to offering you quality missions throughout the year to enrich your experience and allow you to work on various projects. If you are interested in a job offer, do not hesitate to apply!


More than just the quality missions that we offer, Reactive Executive is above all about people! Our teams create a unique bond with interim managers and know how to promote them to help them land missions.
You benefit from support throughout your intervention: from the preparation to the interview to the end of the mission. Our interim managers are recognized for their operational and human qualities, their availability, their attentiveness and their flexibility. Their skills give them undeniable legitimacy to temporarily manage a company, a subsidiary or a department. They focus on a single objective in the company's general interest: ensuring the success of their mission and achieving the expected results. Do you have at least 20 years of professional experience? Have you held management positions (General Management, Human Resources Management, Finance Management, Information Systems Management...) and team management positions and led projects in various fields: industry, finance & investment funds, services, consumer/distribution, chemical/pharmaceutical/healthcare...? So, what are you waiting for to join the ReacTeam!

Reactive MATCH

Reactive Executive has launched Reactive Match: a platform that revolutionizes interim management by connecting interim managers to the right mission through its artificial intelligence tool.

Put all the chances on your side and receive the best offers in record time! Are you an interim manager? Find your next mission and discover the companies that are recruiting!
Discover Reactive Match!

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