The Secrets of Successful Gen Z Management
Publié le 17 May 2023

The Secrets of Successful Gen Z Management

As a manager, you may have to manage employees from Generation Z – also called Generation Refresh or Digital Natives. Born between 1995 and 2015, this generation is shaking up the business world, and it’s up to you, as a manager, to adapt to their expectations and create an environment that motivates and stimulates them. With the right approach, you can help this generation reach their full potential and contribute to the success of your organization.

Young people today are more connected to technology than ever. True autodidacts, they actively seek out information and are more likely to find solutions on their own. Both employees and consumers, they bring unique skills and perspectives, with a distinct voice, drive and passion for learning. Find in this article, the characteristics of Digital Natives and some key strategies to get the most out of this generation.

Characteristics of Generation Z

Several common traits can be associated with Generation Z, although this varies depending on cultural and economic contexts. Generation Z considers themselves to be:

  • Autumn
  • Curious
  • Ultra connected
  • Rebel
  • Bold

These traits can influence their behavior as employees and consumers. Indeed, the Refresh generation is the generation that follows the millennials (generation Y) and who therefore grew up in a digital and connected world. This feature allows them to be more comfortable with digital tools and social networks – which they know how to use as a real strategic platform.

Traditional media are no longer enough for Digital Natives. They know how to effectively gather and analyze information to make informed decisions. In the workplace, their contributions can spur innovation and spark new strategies.

As consumers, their feedback can help identify problems and help develop better products and/or services. With their keen eye for detail , Gen Zers are a valuable asset to any business.

In addition, Gen Z is more involved in today’s world . In a perpetual quest for meaning, they question the world before and protest against inequalities and economic, social and ecological crises.

How to effectively manage Generation Z?

With effective communication strategies:

  • Be transparent: Generation Z seeks transparency in every business . This is the key to establishing a relationship of trust and creating an environment of understanding and mutual respect. In addition, Digital Natives appreciate honesty more than anything else and do not hesitate, in case of doubt, to use their power of ” fact-checking ” to ensure the veracity of your comments, which may put question your values so much preached.
  • Foster open communication and create an environment where ideas and opinions are respected and valued. Also opt for a mutualist feedback strategy to strengthen exchange and involvement within the team.
  • Combine the useful with the pleasant and encourage members of Generation Z to take ownership of their tasks so that they find pleasure in them.
  • Treat the Digital Native as a true collaborator and not just a subordinate. He favors a horizontal relationship based on listening, trust and mutual respect rather than orders.
  • Leverage digital communication tools and implement telecommuting, if possible. Email, social media, or mobile apps are second nature to Gen Z. By embracing these technologies, you can create an environment more conducive to effective collaboration.

Implementation of career development and mentoring programs

Career development programs and mentoring can be set up to best manage Generation Z, in particular through internal training, significant projects in a field that fascinates them, regular interviews to take stock of the progress of their missions or a skills assessment.

And taking into account their needs in terms of flexibility and work/life balance

Concerned about their personal occupations and their physical and mental health, the Digital Native is more likely to leave a job if it does not offer a good balance between personal and professional life. That’s why it’s important to consider their flexibility needs.


It’s important to understand Gen Z and their values ​​and expectations. The best way to manage a Gen Z is to listen to their ideas , give them a chance, and encourage them to actively engage in their work through flexibility and transparency . Modern tools and technologies must be put in place to improve their comfort and allow them to perform at their best. It is also important to offer them career development opportunities and provide them with constructive feedback to help them grow and achieve their goals.

As a manager, adapting to future generations not only fosters commitment and attracts new talent, but also promotes diversity and follows emerging trends in one’s field. This management makes it possible to create a more inclusive environment and maintain a competitive advantage over the long term.

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