Why change companies this year?
Publié le 01 Aug 2022

Why change companies this year?

Contrary to popular belief, changing jobs or companies is not an unusual step. Every year, several people (employees and self-employed) choose to undertake a professional retraining.

Several reasons may lie behind this approach.

However, whatever this reason, you should know that changing companies in 2022 is not a decision to be taken lightly. The approach requires extensive preparation and, possibly, support which can be provided through interim management.

What valid reasons can motivate a person to change jobs?

Changing jobs in 2022: a risky decision

Why change jobs | Reactive Executive

If the reasons for professional retraining or changing companies differ from one person to another, for almost everyone, the process is risky.

First, it is not always possible to guarantee 100% that the person concerned can find another position or be hired. Many reconversion projects fall through and lead to prolonged unemployment. These two situations often result from one or more of the following causes:

  • the scarcity of jobs,
  • gaps in the required skills,
  • the reluctance of companies and recruiters to hire certain profiles,
  • an ill-defined career plan and professional goals.

Then, it may be that the new job is not in line with the professional objectives of the person concerned. Before starting, it is therefore necessary to understand that changing jobs presents a large number of risks , with consequences that can be serious. This type of project should be initiated only after careful consideration, advice or support.

Transition management to change jobs in the best conditions

In view of the risks involved in the process, it is necessary to be accompanied or, at least, to obtain advice before starting. This advice and support can be obtained within the framework of interim management .

What is transition management?

Interim Management by Reactive Executive: Your interim management firm

This is a strategy that is generally applied within organizations (companies , groups, multinationals, etc.). However, it is not uncommon for it to be used on smaller groups and sometimes on projects that concern an individual.

In essence, interim management consists of entrusting an expert with the management and implementation of a project of a certain scope, which can be:

  • the implementation of a new system or new procedures,
  • corporate restructuring ,
  • the creation of a new position,
  • a change of profession.

Organizations call on this expert because of the specialized technical skills he possesses, but also because of the duration of the project. This can be very short or very long depending on the project. In all cases, the expert is called, because he is the only one who is able to supervise and carry out the project.

The role of interim management in professional retraining?

Basically, the role of the Transition Manager is to carry out the project entrusted to him. This expert can therefore intervene on different aspects or aspects of the professional life (of a company or an individual). And that involves professional retraining .

On this type of approach, the role of the expert can be, among others:

  • to support the company in the search for new talent,
  • to support the interested party in the search for a new position,
  • give relevant advice (errors to avoid, actions to take, etc.).

The 4 reasons that motivate the change of work

The 4 reasons to change jobs | Reactive Executive

The reasons for changing jobs are unique to each person. However, some come up very often and are shared by many people looking for professional retraining.

1) Too low a salary

A salary that is too low pushes an employee to change jobs | Reactive Executive

Who says work says salary. Low pay is one of the main reasons people change jobs .

Here it is important to clarify that the amount is not enough to assess whether the salary is low or not. Several parameters must be taken into account. In general, if the salary only allows the worker to pay the bills, it is because it is quite low. However, if he proceeds to a change of job or company, but his new salary is only slightly higher, the situation does not necessarily change.

Before quitting your job to go to another job or another business, it is crucial to make sure that the new salary is worth it.

2) Lack of career prospects

No career development leads to change of company / job | Reactive Executive

In addition to salary, one of the main motivations at work is the prospects for advancement . For a worker, it is important that his work allows him to evolve and more precisely, to obtain more responsibilities . This follows obtaining a higher position.

When the job does not allow for medium or long-term development, many people choose to change jobs.

3) Obtain better working conditions

Having better working conditions in another company drives change | Reactive Executive

Ideally, a job should provide an environment in which the worker can thrive . In practice, this is not always the case.

Moreover, if certain situations are more or less easy to manage, others on the contrary can quickly become unbearable. It is mainly the working conditions that make an activity fulfilling or not.

Many people choose to change jobs to obtain better working conditions . It can be, among others:

  • more flexible hours,
  • a workplace closer to home,
  • better communication and cohesion between colleagues.

4) Find opportunities

New work opportunities can lead to changing jobs | Reactive Executive

In itself, a professional retraining is already a new opportunity . Despite the risks that may be hidden behind the process, it can also have many advantages.

It may be that the new job is the job that the interested party has always dreamed of and opens many doors for him. It is also possible that the new job will allow him to obtain a salary that he could never have obtained elsewhere or otherwise than by changing jobs.

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