What to put on your CV for an Interim Manager position?
Publié le 18 Mar 2021

What to put on your CV for an Interim Manager position?

If you have significant technical experience in your core business and have already had the opportunity to manage teams to successfully complete high-stakes projects, then interim management may be an interesting opportunity for you. .

If you wish to apply to an interim management firm to offer them your services, here are some indications on the elements to include in your CV.

What is interim manager?

An interim manager holds positions of high responsibility over a given period.

Its mission scepter can be very broad:

  • He may be required to support the company in a period of significant change, strategic change
  • Closing a site
  • Merger of two companies or two subsidiaries requiring the implementation of a job protection plan
  • Sale of a subsidiary…
  • Or to assume the role of a relay manager, sometimes in an emergency, following the departure of a key person from the company.

Its role may also be to carry out a project requiring strong technical expertise, such as the harmonization of payroll following the purchase of a subsidiary or the overhaul of an IT system.

What you should not put

Be careful, in your CV, not to align the generic missions without there being coherence or quantifiable results. A list of missions lined up one after the other can give a recruiter an impression of imbalance and instability; this is sometimes the risk when practicing a consulting business.

Next to each mission, it is advisable to clearly indicate the indicators determined at the start of the mission and the quantified results that have been obtained.

What you absolutely must wear

Above all, clearly title your CV indicating the type of company you want to work in and your areas of expertise. Well-designed recruitment firm search engines rely on CV titles to connect a candidate with the right client company.

Moreover, as indicated, the results obtained during your missions give your CV consistency and avoid the “accumulation” effect.

Do you have technical expertise that can enable you to intervene on high-stakes missions? Clearly indicate your areas of expertise, highlighting the keywords relating to your expertise: mastery of specialized software, or a specific computer language, etc.

This is what your recruiter will expect first.

Of course, it is also essential to highlight your previous management experiences by detailing them precisely: how many people in your team, what was their level of expertise, etc.

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