How to manage family life and work?
Publié le 26 Sep 2022

How to manage family life and work?

We live in a world where balancing work and family is a daily challenge. We want to acquire skills in a professional career while managing his family home properly.

How to adjust everything? How to manage contingencies and professional projects? How not to get overwhelmed by stress? How to manage to live and work in a balanced way?

Discover in this article how to manage family life and daily work? And how can an interim management firm help you?

Find a good organization

On a 24-hour day, it is important to know how to manage your time to combine your professional life and your family life . This is why it is essential to find the right family organization to allow you to be more flexible both at work and at home.

There are a lot of everyday life hacks to save you time every day in your personal life:

  1. Plan your meals and cook them in advance,
  2. Shopping after work instead of on weekends,
  3. Order your groceries online during the lunch break at work and then pick them up in the evening,
  4. Cook in large quantities for several days,
  5. Set up a family calendar with all important personal and professional events and deadlines,
  6. Always have “basic” foods to help out (starches, preserves, etc.)

1) Do telework

Telecommuting is also ideal for balancing family and professional life . This way of working has been democratized in recent years and has been, for many households, more than beneficial.

Teleworking saves colossal time . It allows you to avoid the journey by public transport or by car.

If you are based 40 minutes from your work, you save 1h10 in your day, or almost 6h in your week. When you have a family and a career to manage , that time is more than precious. You can then be more flexible in dropping off and picking up your children from school.

In addition, you can take advantage of your lunch break to advance in your personal organization:

  • You can do your shopping on your lunch break between noon and two instead of going during rush hour,
  • You can also take advantage of this time to clean up. It’s always time saved on your personal time during the week or on weekends.

2) Get up earlier

Night owls may cringe… And yet, getting up early has the benefit of better organizing your day .

While everyone is sleeping, you have this time available to progress in your daily tasks: preparing meals, tidying up the house, starting the laundry…

Between professional life and family life, it can be difficult to have time for yourself.

By getting up earlier, you can take advantage of this time to use it only for you and your well-being:

  • Go to the gym,
  • To read a book,
  • Meditate,
  • Go for a walk in your neighborhood,
  • … 

Once everyone is up, your second day can begin.

Taking time for yourself in the morning will help you feel more psychologically calm and avoid being stressed early in the morning.

3) Make lists

The “to-do list” is the ideal tool for your daily organization . Take the reflex to write down absolutely everything that you have in mind on a daily basis.

The purpose of the lists is to get rid of the information in your head at the risk of forgetting and generating stress that jostles your organization:

  1. Groceries,
  2. The administrative papers to be completed,
  3. Housework,
  4. The meetings,
  5. The events,
  6. Invoice deadlines,
  7. outings for children,
  8. Presentations to prepare for work,
  9. Your ideas on a personal and professional level,

On paper or on your phone, implement the list system in your daily life to partially free yourself from a mental burden.

An organized life is a more peaceful life.

4) Divide the household with the whole family in the calendar

Each member of the family has a role to play in maintaining your home. By making lists with children, you will teach them to organize themselves and take responsibility.

Between schools, sports activities, leisure, you will not be able to be present everywhere. The ideal is to define axes of distribution within the family so that everyone knows how the house works.

Family calendars are a great way to plan weekly house cleaning.

By preparing everyone’s list, you will avoid discussions and waste of time. You also avoid disagreements between family members about who should do what.

5) Chat with your manager

You have responsibilities in your job that require a significant investment in the office. However, you feel a deficiency in your personal life and an imbalance is created.

To avoid feeling torn and creating stress in your daily life, we recommend that you share this with your manager for an individual point.

A manager is supposed to want to lift his team, develop their skills and promote their well-being.

By explaining your problem to your manager, you can then find solutions together to enable you to improve this personal and professional balance.

For example, you can discuss an arrangement in terms of schedules depending on the day. If you work on Saturdays, you can offer to work every other Saturday, compensating for the hours during the week.

Hire an interim management firm

Are you in a company in a period of crisis or transformation (mergers, departure of an employee, closure of a site, international development, company restructuring plan , etc.)?

You manage a team and you feel that your employees feel an imbalance in their personal and professional life in the face of these changes?

An Interim Manager is a highly qualified expert who sets up working methods to support employees in the evolution of the company. Its objective is to support, organize and structure your activity.

He helps you and advises you on the organization of your working time, suggests organizational methods, helps you define objectives and achieve them. It can also help you establish a training plan for your team.

Today, balancing work and family is a day-to-day challenge. However, achieving your professional goals while keeping an organized and managed personal schedule is possible! Organization is the key.

On the professional side, telecommuting, talking with your manager, calling on an interim management firm can make a big difference.

Call on Reactive Executive to present you in less than 48 hours the best Transition Managers available according to your sectors.

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