Agile and Scrum method: all you need to know
Publié le 18 Mar 2021

Agile and Scrum method: all you need to know

Definition of the Agile and Scrum method

Far from being reserved for developers alone, as we sometimes tend to imagine, the agile method can be used in a wide variety of fields of application. It thus finds its place in marketing or project management, for example. The Agile method is based on the agile manifesto , which was signed in 2001. This manifesto brings together seventeen representatives of the greatest experts in the development of computer applications. It lays the foundations of the method and structures its implementation.

It is above all a question of respecting four fundamental principles: according to the agile manifesto, it is necessary to grant more importance

  • To individuals, and their interactions with each other, than to tools and processes.
  • Has working software rather than extensive documentation
  • Exchanges with customers rather than contractual negotiation
  • Has the ability to adapt to change rather than to carrying out a plan.

Concretely, the execution of the agile method goes through twelve fundamental principles , among which:

  • the priority given to the customer and his satisfaction, thanks to the regular delivery of high value-added functionalities
  • regular collaboration between users and developers throughout the project
  • the maximum reduction of unnecessary work
  • regular feedback on the work provided and on the areas for improvement to be considered.

Scrum is a framework , which is used to implement the agile method. We often tend to confuse the two, however we can summarize the difference by indicating that the agile method is a set of principles and that scrum is a method for applying them (we are used to compare the agile method to a diet and scrum to cooking recipes linked to principles).

How to implement the Agile method in a team?

The principle of scrum is to break down the project into different tasks, called “sprints”. These sprints can be of variable duration, ranging from a few hours to a few weeks. At the end of each sprint, the team meets to take stock of the actions implemented and the areas for improvement.

Scrum is a relatively simple framework to set up as part of a project. As a first step, it may be useful to download the scrum guide , which can be downloaded for free.

What impact in transition management?

An interim manager finds his place in a project in scrum mode . He intervenes on precisely defined projects, and limited in time. These projects are usually simple to break down into different steps.

As an element external to the company, the interim manager has the perspective necessary to determine the different sprints, put in place the necessary measurement tools and set specific objectives for his team at each stage.

Do our Managers use this method?

Among our 10,000 Managers available, a good number of our interim managers have perfect command of the agile and scrum method . Do you want to manage your project in agile mode? Contact us!

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