Manager, how to make good decisions in business?
Publié le 06 Mar 2020

Manager, how to make good decisions in business?

Within a company, the real role of the Manager is to make decisions , often the most difficult ones: those which can define the future, the prosperity or on the contrary the decline of the company. But making such decisions is never easy, especially in a changing context where uncertainty reigns. So how do you go about making the best choices?

Making a decision is never easy

Nowadays , there are various tools and methods that allow a Manager to make the best decisions at the right time. But even so, in the end they won’t make the decision for you. To be a good decision-maker, the first thing to understand is that when making a decision, you will always be alone, you will be solely responsible. The second point is that any decision-making always comes with a certain risk: there is no zero risk. As humans, it is impossible for us to foresee all the outcomes of a situation. And while assessing risks and alternatives are the most obvious ways to make better decisions, it’s often a tough exercise.
But in the face of difficult decisions, inertia is no solution either. Fear of failure, fear of the unknown should not be an obstacle to decision-making. Efficiency and accuracy are acquired with experience. On this point, the words of Anthony Robbins speak volumes: success is the result of good decisions. Good decisions are the result of experience. Experience is the result of bad decisions »

Ask the right questions to make the best decisions

It is quite possible to improve the quality of its decisions by taking into consideration several points:
What are the objectives of your position statement? It is a question of formulating the goal and/or the desired result of the decision.
In the event of a compromise, what concessions would you be prepared to make? Here we want to identify the primary effects to be obtained.
Are there other alternatives that could guarantee the fulfillment of your requirements? If so, what are the risks?

Decision-making : listen to your intuition and talk about your different choices to your collaborators by listening to their comments. Finally, give yourself some time to reflect, stepping away from the professional setting.

The advantages of Interim Managers in decision-making

In the life of a company, during exceptional situations, the best way out is to resort to exceptional means. Thus, in times of crisis, restructuring , decline or, on the contrary, growth, resorting to the services of an Interim Manager may sometimes be necessary.

And for good reason, because of its experience, its fresh outlook and its innovative methods, it is the most capable of providing rapid and concrete responses to an exceptional situation. This oversized Manager will therefore be able to make thoughtful and objective decisions that are appropriate. Indeed, he is in the best position to act to safeguard the interests of the company since he is totally independent of the latter. Finally, the return on investment of an Interim Manager is quick and measurable.

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