Reactive Executive internationally

Reactive Executive internationally

Reactive Executive assists global companies with international interim management, executive search and outplacement consulting.

Are you missing a manager? Are you implementing performance improvement or change management initiatives? Are you dealing with a crisis? For each of these situations, Reactive Executive can introduce you to highly skilled interim managers to carry out your assignments in France and abroad. We respond to the urgent, non-recurring needs of international businesses that require experienced experts who are available immediately. Our interim managers work in all industries (finance, manufacturing, retail, etc.) and hold various senior management functions (overall leadership, operations, human resources, finance, etc.). Within 48 hours we can find an interim manager whose profile matches your company’s need and culture.

Reactive Executive also offers international outplacement consulting for individuals or groups of employees (internal/external placement) for global firms.

Our consultants may provide outplacement support because of an economic reorganization or a foreign expansion project. Their role is to identify potential and evaluate the skills and knowledge of each employee affected by your plan. They conduct career and skills assessments and pinpoint employees’ aptitudes while renewing the company’s momentum.

For external job placement, our consultants can help employees in France or abroad on an individual or group basis until they have found a new job. Their services include skills assessment, resume polishing, cover letter writing, job search strategies, job interview preparation and orientation coaching when employees start a new job.

In addition to interim management and outplacement support, we also conduct international executive searches via direct approach or headhunting. Our operational and consulting skills, as well as our international manager network, enable us to identify potential candidates.