Reactive Executive in Marseille

Reactive Executive in Marseille

Reactive Executive’s main line of work in Marseille is interim management, but we also help with executive search needs and individual and collective outplacement projects.

Our firm assigns experienced, highly effective interim managers to step in when businesses must deal with urgent situations:

  • Crisis management
  • Temporary executive replacement
  • Strategic project management
  • Transformation project management

Our interim managers in Marseille can fill any managerial function: overall leadership, manufacturing, HR, information systems, etc.

We provide outplacement consulting in Marseille with consultants who handle internal or external placement needs by giving personalized support to employees who want to find a new, permanent position quickly on the local job market. Their services include skills assessment, resume polishing, cover letter writing, job search strategies, job interview preparation and orientation coaching when employees start a new job.

Our firm also takes on executive search work in Marseille, using direct approach or head hunting, for any type of management function.