Reactive Executive in Lyon

Reactive Executive in Lyon

Are you faced with an executive vacancy, crisis situation or major change that requires interim management in Lyon?

Reactive Executive can assign its experienced interim managers to your company to manage complex situations, such as:

  • Managing the launch of a strategic new project (new product/service, new plant construction, etc.)
  • Managing transformation and performance improvement projects (merger-acquisition, sale of company, new operations, international expansion, etc.)
  • Replacing a manager temporarily (maternity leave, illness, resignation, etc.)
  • Managing crises (stabilizing struggling operations, labor conflict, employment protection plan, etc.)

Reactive Executive also offers outplacement consulting and executive search services in Lyon. Our outplacement consulting in Lyon identifies the right plan for the employees’ short-term job placement and helps them learn to effectively search for a position that matches their expectations and skill sets.

This support is based on shared objectives:

  • Preparing for the employee’s future: skills assessment, goal setting, developing a search plan and updating communication tools
  • Drawing up a personalized plan: our consultants help the employees actively search for their next job (leads, networking, recruiting process and negotiation)
  • Monitoring progress: after the employees start their new job, our consultants follow up with them throughout their trial period.

In addition to interim management and outplacement services, Reactive Executive also conducts executive searches in Lyon for all senior management functions in all industries.