What Type / Style of Management to adopt?
Publié le 18 Sep 2017

What Type / Style of Management to adopt?

It seems that we have always benefited from the thought of the dictates of the professional world, which leaves little room for personal and differentiating thought.

The different types of management?

Our job aims to promote people and their skills to meet the needs of companies. This involves personal abilities, qualities and skills specific to each person. With regard to interim managers, we are talking about different management styles.

It goes without saying that a large majority of interim managers are perfectionists, people who pay attention to detail and go to the end of things. Should we stop there to describe their managerial methodology?

So here are, as society leads us to think, the 4 styles of management that exist:

– Persuasive
– Participative
– Directive
– Delegative

My idea is not to quibble about these types of management, it has already been done. Of course, the vast majority of everything said about these management styles is true. But too general for my taste, not enough out of the ideas locked away for so many generations.

Our vision

I don’t think we need to get too attached to labels. First , do we have to talk about “management styles”? Secondly , should we categorize a manager according to his style, as if the diversity of style was inconceivable?

I prefer to talk about different “ generational ” managers (see our article: “ Who is the New Generation Transition Manager? ”). At least the age difference is not debatable. It’s a simple fact. But the style of management does not simply depend on this.

Origins and culture also have a great influence on the way of managing. The diversity of experience acquired generates a “tailor-made” management. The mentoring received personally is also a very determining factor in the managerial methods of interim managers and their personalities.

What it involves

This vision, personal and different, helps me see the full potential of the Transition Managers with whom we work at Reactive Executive.

To associate with someone on a simple “category” or “style” of management seems risky to me. How to define the manager in detail? It is often on “details” that an interim manager makes the difference during his missions. It is thanks to these “details” that he or she is perfectly suited to the challenges of the mission.

At this precise moment, we realize that the details are very important and that they should take up more space on a CV.

Humanist values ​​can be consistent with management in general and specifically with transition management . It is important for me to be able to value each of the interim managers with whom we work, to promote their wealth. The idea is for us to consider interim managers as we consider our clients, not just pre-registered profiles. We do not “place” managers, on assignment, with our clients. We meet the needs of our customers and support them with the talents of our managers, it’s a very different vision.

An ethical management?

I like to believe that the majority of interim managers want to leave their mark in the company where they are on assignment. Far from the policy of “quickly done well”, this work requires a sincere interest in the company and its employees.

Personal ethics are therefore very important, and weigh heavily in the balance. For simple example: the franchise. Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electrics, called the lack of candor ” the biggest untold secret in the corporate world .” He said that for him, the franchise “ expanded the circle of discussion ”. Undoubtedly, such values favor the group and the employee.

When an interim manager arrives in a company with ethical management , based on values of personal benevolence , his impact is twofold . His mission will be a success, because everyone’s interests are considered.

Here is our goal at Reactive Executive : to find you the rare pearls of interim management, for the success of your company!

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