What is vertical management?
Publié le 21 Sep 2018

What is vertical management?

Like many companies in France, your company is probably administered by vertical management . This organizational scheme is considered the main element of the success of the Industrial Revolution. However, it is decried by a large number of work organization specialists. The Digital Revolution advocates a type of horizontal management . Hierarchical levels and boundaries between departments are blurring in favor of collaborative work. Changing the command mode of your company is a complex and sensitive task. An Interim Manager is the ideal person to lead this change.

Definition of the vertical structure

In a vertical structure , there are two levels of management: strategic management and operational management . The transmission of information and commands goes from top to bottom.
The Principal Manager decides on the strategic choices that he can discuss with his Directors. The latter entrust the implementation of projects to managers and supervisors. These middle managers will define the action plans carried out by a dense category, that of workers.
Once the task is completed, the workers indicate it to their supervisor, who informs the higher level. The information then goes back to meet the person authorized to validate the work.

Successful illustration of pyramid management

The organizational chart of a hierarchical company recalls the shape of a pyramid. It is inspired by military structures where the hierarchy and the specialization of tasks are the foundations of an effective organization.
The pyramid structure breaks down a global project into small missions. They are allocated to divisions specializing in a well-defined field. Each division carries out its mission by respecting the methods defined and the deadlines announced.
Frederick Taylor (1856-1915) is one of the pioneers of hierarchical management theorizing. He describes the mechanisms in his work The Principles of Scientific Management (1911). A few years later, Henry Ford (1863-1947) reinforced the notion of task specialization and introduced assembly line work. This compartmentalization of tasks is a fundamental principle of the Industrial Revolution.

Digital transformation and horizontal management

The digital revolution has changed this type of management . The new means of communication, SMS, emails, instant messaging are opposed to information filtering.
The projects are approached in a different way. The departments communicate with each other freely. Everyone has a global vision of the objective and understands the importance of their contribution to this project. Managers discuss with their employees and the latter give their opinion on the objective and methods. In this diagram, the middle management disappears or else it passes from controller to facilitator .

Transform the management of your company

Do you want to implement collaborative management in your company? Do you want your employees to be even more invested in their work and to be able to use their creativity for the benefit of the company?
To succeed in this ambitious and fundamental transformation, call on an Interim Manager . This experienced executive can lead change in your business. He will establish an inventory and then he will propose a horizontal management implementation program adapted to your company.
He is committed to the success of the mission in terms of achievements and deadlines. His knowledge of the realities of the company and the different types of management allow him to manage the apprehension of employees and to put in place methods adapted to a collaborative organization.

For more information contact us. Entrust us with your project and we will introduce you to The Transition Manager in line with your expectations and your objectives.

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