The qualities required to be a good manager
Publié le 18 Jun 2018

The qualities required to be a good manager

The success of a company depends closely on the ability of its managers to motivate their teams . Indeed, its role is to define the strategy to follow to surpass the competitors and to implement the means to achieve it. Management can be innate in some people but a specialization in the field is an essential asset. We will therefore determine the qualities of a manager , but also the measures to take if the results are not there. Without further ado, let’s get to the heart of the matter.

Have a sense of teamwork

A company being made up of a group of people sharing the same objective, it is therefore important for a manager to be comfortable, attentive and legitimate with his collaborators. This then falls under Leadership , which is the art of knowing how to motivate, but also how to supervise a team . A good manager is therefore one who finds the right words to encourage his team to make the necessary efforts to pull the company up. This exercise must be done in a natural way, without resorting to a form of autocracy. On the contrary, the management to use is the participatory style , which consists in giving everyone the opportunity to prove themselves and to measure the progress made. An individual gives himself more to work when he is given his trust, given him a certain freedom in the execution of his mission and listens to his ideas. The role of the manager is to check the tasks carried out and their progress. Good work deserves to be rewarded , while mistakes must be corrected!

Be proactive and flexible

A good manager must be proactive . As a manager, he must be one step ahead of his team and his environment, because it is important to anticipate events in the company. This is the keystone to drive an entity further, since we must not forget that the market remains hyper-competitive and that low blows can happen at any time. However, sometimes unforeseen events occur, because if a team can be supervised, this is not always the case for the environment. In this case, he must not let himself be overwhelmed by the situation and quickly find a corrective measure to put the entity back on the right track. This quality is acquired through experience, hence the need for external assistance in the event of an emergency.

The need for an interim manager

When the manager fails in his mission or when the company does not have the internal resources to carry out a project, it is essential to remedy the situation as quickly as possible. This is why it is necessary to hire an interim manager within the team who will take an external and new look at internal problems. Endowed with a great experience, he is able to quickly detect the causes of the blockage and defines the new course of action to be followed. For the implementation, he then uses the usual management techniques mentioned above by motivating and continuously controlling his team to ensure that the objectives are achieved.

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