The importance of the customer relationship in transition management
Publié le 18 Mar 2021

The importance of the customer relationship in transition management

In the context of improving the performance of a company, giving importance to the customer relationship is fundamental.

It is common for the interim manager to have the mission of working with his client company on the development and fluidification of the client relationship. This mission can go through interventions at various levels and through the implementation of various tools (satisfaction survey, consumer meeting, etc.)

How will your interim manager be able to set up an effective client relationship?

Definition of customer relationship

The definitions of the customer relationship vary greatly from one company to another. However, we can agree on the fact that the customer relationship concerns all the procedures put in place to facilitate exchanges between a structure and its customers.

The customer relationship, or customer relationship , is the implementation of processes promoting a positive customer experience within a company. It is a term that encompasses all management tasks that involve customer interactions. An optimized and efficient customer relationship is a major factor for business growth. This is a strong marketing skill. An optimized and qualitative customer relationship is the key to the sustainability of an entrepreneurial activity.

A fluid and effective customer relationship allows the company to significantly improve its productivity .

This is why it is common for a company to call on an interim manager to work on this point: analysis of the customer relationship at all levels of the structure, definition of specific objectives to improve it, implementation of measuring tools.

Why is the customer relationship essential?

By putting the customer at the heart of its priorities, the company considerably improves its performance .

Indeed, a company that is not very responsive to the demands of its core target, or that does not put tools in place to meet the expectations of its customers, will quickly suffer from “bad buzz”.

This bad reputation can set in very quickly. In a competitive sector, it can be fatal to the company.

Furthermore, the many communication channels available to the client, such as social media, multiply the effects of a negative comment.

Sometimes the company’s customers do not communicate their bad opinion, but listening more carefully to their expectations and their needs can improve performance with the help of a few simple tools to put in place.

How to establish a trusting customer relationship?

The customer relationship is built at all levels of the company . It is often associated with a well-managed business relationship and responsive after-sales service. However, to stand out in a sometimes competitive environment, the company must respect an irreproachable quality of service, from product design to after-sales service, obviously including product design, but also by less concerned by the customer relationship at first sight (irreproachable invoicing, dispatch of parcels on time, etc.)

Services that only seem to decorate the customer relationship, however, also have a major role to play.

The values ​​of Reactive Executive on the customer relationship

Aware that the customer relationship is a sensitive lever for improving performance, we put you in touch with seasoned interim managers.

They intervene at all levels of your company to analyze your situation, define objectives focused on customer relations , and set up performance indicators.

The role of your interim manager is also to monitor these indicators and readjust them if necessary.

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