Testimonial Manager – Jean-Michel Riedweg
Publié le 02 May 2022

Testimonial Manager – Jean-Michel Riedweg

It is thanks to our pool of more than 12,000 Interim Managers on assignment in more than 12 countries that Reactive Executive remains a trusted and excellent partner. You have given us the opportunity to share your testimonials and it is with pleasure that we wish to highlight your experiences!

Discover all the advice from our Interim Managers, experts in their role, to succeed in this job!

Introduce yourself !

My name is Jean-Michel RIEDWEG. I have spent my entire career in medical devices, luxury goods and accessories as Sales Director and General Manager.

What does interim management bring you?

Interim management gives me the opportunity to put my know-how at the disposal of companies.

What do you bring to companies?

I bring to companies experience, immediate adaptability, various professional activities, as well as a mastery of complex situations.

What are your first actions when starting a mission?

When starting a mission, I begin by understanding the political and strategic issues. I use the fundamentals of the company to sublimate them while raising the skills of the company’s driving forces in order to federate them around the project(s) of the mission.

Do you have any tips for succeeding in this job?

Humility, discernment, adaptability, versatility, communicator, achievement of objectives and availability.

And why Reactive Executive?

Listening to opportunities, men and women wanting to take advantage of their managerial experience, Reactive Executive is a dynamic, motivated and communicative company.

How do you see the future of interim management?

I believe in a promising future because companies need an objective and rapid vision from external Managers providing them with know-how.

Reactive Executive in a nutshell?


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