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How Managers Learn from their Errors

This quotation is attributed to the philosopher Seneca “the young” : “Errare humanum est, perseverare diabolicum.” Which translated means “Error is human, to persevere in error is evil.” Each company is made up of men and women dedicated to a cause, aiming (usually) towards the same goal. That being the case, none of us has […]

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Crises Management: What Types of Crises?

Crisis management is an integral part of the skills of interim managers. Today, many companies rely on interim management firms in times of crisis. But what types of crises are we talking about? The most frequent crises Regularly, the same types of crises affect businesses: Closures of sites, setting up of an “employment saving” solution, […]

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Performance Evaluation: A Real Need?

The assessment of performance, in the form of an appreciation system, arrived in France in the 1950s. This moment between managers and employees sometimes gives rise to apprehension, sometimes appreciation. For some, the performance evaluation seems perfectly useless. Whatever one thinks, the idea that a manager cares about the productivity of his teams is a […]

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How Does Neutrality Affect Growth?

Some cultures promote exchange and sharing of opinions through clear and open communication. On the contrary, other cultures are more reserved or are developing more radical communication codes. Each company finds, according to its origins and its culture, custom-made communication codes. In France, the country of the “Revolution” and freedom, expressing one’s personal point of […]

Interim Managers and Team Meetings

Team meetings, a real need?

No doubt you have already heard, or maybe you yourself said these words: “a meeting well prepared is a meeting that ends on time.” The necessity of team meeting is discussed more and more often because its benefits are sometimes hard to find. A waste of time? Often, that’s what employees feel at the end […]

Digital Transformation and Interim Management

The role of the Interim Manager in Digital Transformation

“Change happens now…” This catchphrase, which has been well known for several years now thanks to certain French politicians, pretty well indicates what digital transformation is. At the heart of the 21st century, the concept of digital transformation is not new in itself. The emergence of the Internet in the 90s and its standardization in […]

Micromanagement and Interim Managers

Is Micromanagement bad?

You have probably heard of Humanistic Management, Ethical Management and many other terms to define an exemplary management, or at least a management more inclined to favor the employees and their well-being than what we all know. We have talked about it ourselves lately, and support the idea that these methodologies are generally beneficial. The […]

Interim Management

The Joys of Interim Management

“The root of the work is sometimes bitter, but the flavor of its fruits is always exquisite.” – Victor Hugo This quote couldn’t be more accurate ! Many trades offer a diversity that keeps us steadfast and determined in our professional life. But where does our joy at work really come from? A need for […]

Choice : Career Development or Maintaining of Strong Teams?

Experienced interim managers know that each mission requires adaptation, which will be more or less easy. Even if broad general principles often apply, each mission has its share of “tailor-made” moments and decisions. Sometimes choices are harder to make, and it is almost a decision made in according to one’s personal conscience. In our economic […]

Is the Interim Manager an Entrepreneur?

Is the Interim Manager an Entrepreneur? Many businesses arise today, born out of a fairly recent professional revolution. The founders of these new companies, often start-ups, almost all identify themselves as entrepreneurs. What is an Entrepreneur? An entrepreneur is the one who undertakes a new approach, the one who begins something new, the one who […]

How to enjoy a useful vacation when you are a manager? Here are 5 tips!

How to enjoy a useful vacation when you are a manager? Here are 5 tips! Here it is, the month of August has arrived! Summer is always a very special moment. It’s time for the turnover between those who go on vacation in July and those who leave in August, the time where companies are […]

What is the interim manager’s role in HR policies?

Jean DUGAS’ interview Interim Management is very regularly requested in the field of HR. Real pillars of the company, HR managers require many skills and human qualities in order to achieve, often, demanding interim projects. What is the role of interim managers involved in Human Resources? What type of communication is to be developed in […]

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Roland Garros : The lesson for Interim Managers?

Monday, May 22nd marks the start of an incredible 15 day long season. No, not spring turning into summer, but rather the Roland Garros tennis tournament, widely known as the French Open. This is a 2 week long party for tennis lovers. One of the characteristics of this tournament is the surface the players are […]

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Interim Managers : the Stuff of Heroes

The necessary resource of an up to date company. At a time where national groups and intermediate sized companies are facing the drastic changes that hit international companies 10 years ago, it seems necessary that a change of course be lead by an experienced leader. The difficulty decision-makers face is being able to rely on […]

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Endurance : Interim Managers’ Secret!

Last Sunday, April 9th, the 41st edition of the “Marathon de Paris” took place. It was a beautiful journey that severely tested the physical and mental capacities of 43,754 runners over a distance of precisely 42.195 kilometers. And every runner knows that endurance is the key to success when facing such a challenge. Of course, […]