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How Managers Learn from their Errors

This quotation is attributed to the philosopher Seneca “the young” : “Errare humanum est, perseverare diabolicum.” Which translated means “Error is human, to persevere in error is evil.” Each company is made up of men and women dedicated to a cause, aiming (usually) towards the same goal. That being the case, none of us has […]

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Interim Management: What are the advantages for companies?

Interim management utilizes experienced professionals to solve the major problems of a company. When big issues are at stake, companies do not always have the necessary profiles to deal with the crisis. Interim Managers Profiles The main requests for interim management usually consist of General Managers, Financial Managers, Human Resources Directors, Production Managers, Digital Production […]

Interim Management

How Does Neutrality Affect Growth?

Some cultures promote exchange and sharing of opinions through clear and open communication. On the contrary, other cultures are more reserved or are developing more radical communication codes. Each company finds, according to its origins and its culture, custom-made communication codes. In France, the country of the “Revolution” and freedom, expressing one’s personal point of […]

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What is Change Management?

Change Management is the time of support for a company during restructuration, changes in work processes, structural and human reorganizations … etc. The transformation of companies is generally due to many months of reflection on possible improvements, for a business model that is more efficient and more adequate to current economic needs. Transformation is this […]

Digital Transformation and Interim Management

The role of the Interim Manager in Digital Transformation

“Change happens now…” This catchphrase, which has been well known for several years now thanks to certain French politicians, pretty well indicates what digital transformation is. At the heart of the 21st century, the concept of digital transformation is not new in itself. The emergence of the Internet in the 90s and its standardization in […]