Succeed in your digital transformation
Publié le 24 Jul 2020

Succeed in your digital transformation

The search for better performance, especially from an economic point of view, is part of the objectives of all companies. The world is changing every day and digital transformation is at the heart of the change that the company must experience. It is a real competitive advantage and both large and small companies are getting into it. However, it’s not always so easy to take the plunge and get into the tech world. The digital transition can be difficult to lead.

Definition of digital transformation

Digital transformation is also called digital transition : it consists of integrating digital technologies into all of a company’s activities.

In concrete terms, digital transformation involves the digitization of all the IT tools used. This also involves the implementation of new tools such as the development and maximum exploitation of the cloud to exchange data, the establishment of collaborative platforms, the creation of an e-commerce site, etc.

Digital transformation allows a company to significantly improve its productivity . Indeed, this development considerably modifies the employees’ relationship to time (acceleration of procedures, industrialization of administrative formalities) as well as their relationship to space (possibility of multiplying workspaces thanks to the facilitation of telework). The digital transition facilitates and streamlines relationships between employees, and allows working groups to develop structured projects.

In other words, choosing to go digital allows a company to gain flexibility and focus on value-added tasks.

However, a digital transition cannot be implemented effectively if the teams are not involved. The support of a specialized interim manager can be essential to help teams take the plunge. But then how to succeed in your digital transformation?


Large multinationals are well structured. They have the best resources, material, financial and human to succeed in digital transformation . This is not always the case for SMEs and other companies with smaller structures. To succeed in this process, these 4 steps will surely help you.

1. Incorporate digitalization into your development strategy

For the digital transition to be a success, integrate it into your development strategy. It must accompany your company so that it can then increase its performance. Digitization is at the center of change, so it must be perfectly consistent with the needs of the company.

2. Appoint a pilot to lead change management

Digitization is a big change for the company. It must therefore be well conducted. The appointment of a pilot, in particular a pilot team, will be required. Whoever will be at the head of this change will play the role of transition manager for the digital transition and will have to know all the workings of the company and be in total agreement with its global vision.

3. Master the tools related to digitalization

Not everyone is comfortable with digital transformation. To avoid any risk of resistance, it will be imperative to go through training so that the personnel concerned can master the tool. It must truly appear as an essential tool to help improve the daily lives of employees.

4. Proceed to Resource Deployment

Once you have followed the previous three steps, do not wait any longer and go directly to the deployment of resources so that the human can appreciate the mastery of the material. This is what will then make it possible to quickly integrate digitalization into everyone’s daily life.

What the transition manager can bring you during the transformation

When a company wishes to implement a major digital transformation, it is not uncommon for it to find itself faced with fears and questions from its employees.

The employees have, for the most part, got used to working with their tools; they appreciate their daily use. Engaging in the digital shift therefore raises some perfectly legitimate concerns on their part. These apprehensions relate to changes in their way of working (obligation to train on tools that may seem very complex), but also to the possible consequences of these transformations on the challenges of their position: fear of personnel restrictions, modification of tasks that entrusted to them…

An external speaker, specifically mandated to support the company in its digital transition , will be able to remove fears and resistance to change.

The “digital transformation curve” very clearly summarizes the different stages through which employees generally go: first, a phase of denial and fear, then a stage of bargaining that can go as far as depression! With the right support, employees can go up this curve and move on to the next stage: acceptance and commitment.

For this, diplomatic and pedagogical qualities are required, along with proven expertise in the sector.

By supporting employees in a structured way, by explaining to them the challenges of setting up this or that tool, by training them and by setting up a follow-up on new media, theinterim manager allows employees to be operational quickly and to calmly consider transformations. A definite productivity gain for the company.


The four steps we presented earlier can be easy to follow, but sometimes you need to ask for outside help to strike the iron and really dive into the world of technology. Moreover, digital transition advice is undoubtedly the most effective way to achieve a quick and profitable result for the company. In addition, it is a technique that works wonderfully for both large and small structures. If you are still not in tune with digitalization, have no fear and seek advice from the transition manager for the digital transition. It’s fast, it’s effective, and the benefits will be felt immediately.

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