Transformation projects

Using interim management to improve your company’s performance.

Deploying interim management for business performance improvement

Interim management can provide support with overseeing crisis situations, manager vacancies, change management, strategic projects and performance improvement. Today, interim management is more oriented toward change management and performance improvement.

Our interim managers arrive with strategic skills that can be implemented immediately to improve manufacturing, financial, logistics or sales performance. Our managers can harness their extensive experience and adaptability to manage complex performance improvement challenges in France and abroad in positions of responsibility: Chief Financial Officer, Human Resources Director, Chief Industrial Officer, Procurement & Supply Chain Director, etc.

Thanks to the diverse skills of its interim management team, Reactive Executive can take on any situation involving change management or adaptation to industrial or economic shifts.

During interim management assignments, business performance improvement involves three main steps:

  • Step 1
    Our managers assess the situation. Our managers, who are qualified in a specific field (manufacturing, finance, logistics, HR or sales), carefully analyze the data before making strategic decisions.

  • Step 2
    Based on this diagnostic of the company’s performance, they define clear objectives and propose a strict action plan with corresponding priorities.

  • Step 3
    After the action plan is approved, our interim managers implement it alongside your teams in compliance with defined costs and deadlines. Our managers assist your teams throughout the interim assignment to optimize your company’s resources.

  • With their expertise, our interim managers bring fresh eyes to your situation to suggest effective solutions. They motivate your teams to deliver tangible results quickly.

Business case

Boost the production capacity of a manufacturing site in the construction/nuclear industry


Boost the production capacity of a manufacturing site in the construction/nuclear industry that generates 6 million euros in annual sales and is owned by a publicly traded international group.

Assignment type

Performance improvement

Assignment duration

24 months

Managerial role

General manager of the manufacturing site

Assignment goals

  • Recommend and carry out actions aligned with the company’s goals.
  • Manage the site’s departments: bids, scheduling, engineering, etc.
  • Monitor and ensure completion of works in progress.
  • Implement and enforce procedures to optimize resources and reduce costs.
  • Steer the site back to financial stability.


Implement a plan to reorganize the site to improve performance (quality, costs and deadlines).

Assignment results

  • Establish reliable financial reporting by project, hold project managers accountable and implement project-based risk analysis.
  • Implement action plans by department and/or by project to improve profitability.
  • Oversee financial decision-making: :
    • preparation of financing schemes,
    • client meetings,
    • final negotiations,
    • Initial results: ~ € 900,000 confirmed by clients.
  • Define and present strategic actions.
  • Implement overall and departmental indicators.
  • Simplify manufacturing launches (production files).
  • Reorganize the server (defined structure, log recovery).
  • Deploy LEAN projects with the group’s support.
  • Implement production resource scheduling.
  • Launch a sales action plan in line with defined objectives.