Management relay

Relay management: temporary replacement of management positions

Deploying interim management for temporary CEO change

We have a pool of 2000 interim managers selected for their technical skills and their poise, which means our interim management firm can draw on exceptional resources to assist in any management replacement situation in France or abroad.

The purpose of interim management is to temporarily replace an executive who has left the company or passed away or to fill the temporary vacancy of a senior manager caused by illness, training or an accident.

Managing a CEO replacement

Our interim managers step in to temporarily take the reins of the company regardless of the business sector (manufacturing, services, consumer goods/retail, etc.). Their team management and leadership skills enable them to integrate seamlessly into the Executive Committee and to engage in dialogue with all the company’s employees.

In addition to management replacement, our managers intervene in other contexts, such as crisis management, performance improvement, strategic project management and change management.

Business case

Replacement of an executive for a pharmaceutical laboratory with 1 million euros in annual sales


A pharmaceutical laboratory with 130 million in total sales and 800 employees around the world needed an interim manager to jump in and oversee the Management Inspection office and lead the team until the permanent job holder returned from maternity leave.

Assignment type

Management replacement

Assignment goals

  • Oversee management inspection tasks for the sales and R&D divisions in accordance with the company’s policies and strategy.
  • Help ensure smooth operations in the sales and R&D divisions and implement the company’s strategy.
  • Provide insights on the financial implications of the decisions made by the sales and R&D divisions by highlighting the profit margin breakdown along the entire value chain.


  • Prepare budgets, authorize spending commitments (OPEX/CAPEX), identify earnings trends.
  • Confirm and distribute budget monitoring reports and financial dashboards.
  • Anticipate variances from objectives and propose corrective measures.
  • Send relevant colleagues financial data about the group’s sales and R&D operations by implementing reporting systems and compiling relevant statistical data.
  • Perform financial analysis, interpret the causes of gaps between forecasts and actual results and advise the Finance Division.

Assignment duration

6 months

Managerial role

Director of Management Inspection

Assignment results

  • Compliance with deadlines
  • Tool optimization
  • Quick, effective integration with teams
  • Seamless handover upon the return of the permanent job holder