Closure of a manufacturing site by a major metallurgy corporation


Closure of an industrial site (130 employees, 30 million euros in annual sales) owned by a large, publicly traded metallurgy corporation.

Challenge Implement an employment protection plan

Assignment type

Crisis management

Assignment goal

  • Implement a reorganization plan.
  • Write all documents needed for the process (Books I and II of French Labor Code; Health, Safety and Working Condition documentation; meeting; minutes; notifications; etc.).
  • Implement employee and manager communication tools.
  • Contact management to gain maximum project buy-in.
  • SMonitor the employment protection plan budget.
  • Coordinate the work of consulting attorneys.
  • Deploy project mode management and report to the steering committee.
  • Ensure the smooth transfer of operations.

Assignment duration

15 months

Managerial role

HR Director

Assignment results

  • No strike lasting more than five consecutive days.
  • Transfer of operations completed within the time limit defined and requested by the company.
  • Site closure carried out with compassion toward employees, who received personalized support.