Employment protection schemes: crisis management requires quick decision-making.

Our interim managers work with struggling companies to develop effective, tailor-made solutions in crisis situations:

  • Reorganization
  • Turnaround
  • Restructuring
  • Drop in sales
  • Closure of sites or factories
  • Financial audit
  • Employment protection plan
  • Labor conflict
  • Sale of company or business line…

Business crisis management demands quick decision making and specific – often unavoidable – actions. Crisis situations are particularly difficult to understand and require experience and a special skill set.

Interim management is an alternative for dealing with these challenging periods. Reactive Executive assists its clients by assigning managers specialized in crisis management who help companies find the right solutions. They are highly skilled and can decide and act quickly in emergencies. Our managers can take the reins to help your company recover from the crisis, as well as lay the foundation for a worry-free future.

Our interim managers are specialists in crisis management:

Thanks to its team of interim managers who are steeped in the management of complex, challenging situations, Reactive Executive can provide a rapid response on how to deal with crisis management regardless of the industry or context. Our managers provide true operational support while demonstrating a strong commitment to quickly identifying your company’s context. Our interim management agency often assists with emergency situations and supports its specialized managers to ensure they know how to deal with your crisis quickly. We encourage you to contact us to explain your challenge. We promise a quick response that is appropriate for your situation.

Business Case

Closure of a manufacturing site by a major metallurgy corporation


Closure of an industrial site (130 employees, 30 million euros in annual sales) owned by a large, publicly traded metallurgy corporation.

Assignment goal

Implement a reorganization plan.

  • Write all documents needed for the process (Books I and II of French Labor Code; Health, Safety and Working Condition documentation; meeting; minutes; notifications; etc.).
  • Implement employee and manager communication tools.
  • Contact management to gain maximum project buy-in.
  • Monitor the employment protection plan budget.
  • Coordinate the work of consulting attorneys.
  • Deploy project mode management and report to the steering committee.

Ensure the smooth transfer of operations.


Implement an employment protection plan

Assignment type

Crisis management

Assignment duration

15 months

Managerial role

HR Director

Assignment results

  • No strike lasting more than five consecutive days.
  • Transfer of operations completed within the time limit defined and requested by the company.
  • Site closure carried out with compassion toward employees, who received personalized support.

Discover Reactive Mobility, our project methodology dedicated to employment protection schemes and download our dedicated procedure.