Executive search

REACTIVE RESOURCES: the full breadth of Reactive Executive’s expertise applied to the recruitment of senior managers.

Whether referring to executive search or headhunting, the core of our expertise lies in our ability to:

  • Provide decision-makers with the best advice.
  • Analyse and understand their challenges, strategies, and objectives.
  • Identify and assess the skills and motivations that are most in line with corporate projects.
  • Lead, organize, and closely monitor every step in the recruitment process.

Reactive Executive recruits executives and managers within 15 days to one month for all Executive Committee positions and all industries.

Reactive Executive taps its international network of high-level managers to speed up the traditional recruiting process. If, however, the search is quite targeted, Reactive Executive leverages its direct approach experience and presents a short list of at least two candidates who match the client’s criteria. We work with the client to identify potential source companies before beginning the executive search. This confidential executive recruitment process also include interviews with two professional references.

Reactive Resources implements a proven methodology to propose solutions tailored to SMEs/SMIs as well as international groups.
Education, professional experience, skills and expertise, salary, and proficiency in foreign languages and with software are all included in the Reactive Resources international profile bank. It ensures that you quickly receive a shortlist of only the most-qualified candidates.

Reactive Executive’s six key points

  • 1Expertise in senior management positions.
  • 2A solid understanding of a variety of business sectors — primarily industry, distribution, and services.
  • 3Tailored sourcing and/or executive search.
  • 4Quick delivery of a shortlist of highly qualified candidates.
  • 5Support throughout the recruitment process,
  • 6Powerful assessment tools.