Relay management: ensuring managerial continuity effectively
Publié le 10 Jan 2024

Relay management: ensuring managerial continuity effectively

When a manager leaves his or her position temporarily or permanently, relay management intervenes to avoid disruptions within the team and maintain the objective course. But how does this management adapt to the specificities of each company? What are the challenges associated with managing these transition phases? REACTIVE EXECUTIVE , Transition Management Firm tells you more on the subject.

What is relay management? Definition

Relay Management Definition | Reactive Executive

Definition of Relay management : Relay management, or simply transition management , is a management solution which consists of recruiting an experienced manager to occupy an existing or new position, on a temporary basis. This type of mission generally lasts from a few months to a few years.

This approach is effective in guaranteeing the continuity of a company’s activities in the event of the absence of a manager (sick leave, transfer, etc.) and ensuring the stability of the team. Relay management also makes it possible to deal with exceptional situations, such as a merger-acquisition or a company restructuring .

The advantages of relay management

The advantages of relay management are multiple:

  • Ensuring business continuity : the interim manager ensures a smooth managerial transition, avoiding disruptions that could arise during the transition from one manager to another. This means that the team can maintain its usual pace of work, with little to no negative impact on productivity.
  • Dealing with exceptional situations : whether it is sudden business crisis management , a work overload or any other unexpected event, an interim manager can intervene quickly and make the necessary decisions to manage the situation pragmatically.
  • Skills development : By allowing different managers to take over at various times, it provides employees with the opportunity to learn new perspectives and strengthen their versatility.
  • Benefit from an outside perspective : thanks to their varied experience, the interim manager brings a different perspective and can identify opportunities for improvement or resolve persistent problems.

When to call on a relay manager?

When to call on a relay manager? Reactive Executive

Calling on a relay manager becomes particularly useful at key moments within an organization, in particular:

  • During periods of temporary absence (vacation, sick leave or extended training),
  • In the event of permanent departure (internal promotion, transfer or change of position)

To anticipate these transition needs, it is essential to put in place strategic planning. By identifying potential periods of change in advance, the company can optimize the use of relay management. It also involves developing a pipeline of potential interim managers, ready to step in as needed.

How to ensure the transition following the departure of a manager?

A successful transition is essential for the continuity of the company.

  • Plan the handover : document responsibilities, important contacts and processes so that the successor can take over by understanding all the issues.
  • Inform the team and stakeholders of the manager’s departure : this helps create a climate of trust and mentally prepare everyone for this change. Employees need to understand the situation and have clear information about what will happen next.
  • Choose the right transition manager : he or she will be the stable reference point for the transition. Make sure their skills and experience match the needs of the business.
  • Supporting the transition manager : this involves providing the necessary information and supporting the transition team.

Expertise and advantages of REACTIVE EXECUTIVE in relay management

At REACTIVE EXECUTIVE, we have developed solid expertise in the field of relay management, representing nearly 20% of our missions. We understand that continuity and stability are important for the smooth running of a business, especially in critical times. Chosen for their expertise and successful missions, our transition managers are ready to intervene within 48 hours to ensure the effective management of your operations during these periods of uncertainty.

How does a bridging management mission take place?

How does a bridging management mission take place? | Reactive Executive

The objective of the interim manager in his relay management mission is to improve performance, profitability, competitiveness and customer service. To ensure a successful transition management mission, we follow several steps:

  1. Understanding of the business to immerse yourself in the culture.
  2. Identification of key skills necessary for the mission.
  3. Integration phase of the transition manager to create a quick connection and guarantee effective handling.
  4. Implementation of an action plan.
  5. Regular meetings with the transition manager and the team to ensure that the mission goes smoothly.
  6. Measuring results.

Interim manager vs. fixed-term manager: what to choose?

Opting for an interim manager or a fixed-term manager depends on the specific requirements of the company and the transition mission.

The transition manager stands out for his effectiveness in emergency situations or significant changes . He is an experienced professional, specialized in solving temporary problems. Its role is to intervene, manage a critical situation, then withdraw once the mission is accomplished. It is an ideal solution for situations where in-depth expertise is necessary over a limited period.

On the other hand, the fixed-term manager is more suitable when the company needs a stable presence over a fixed period. This option is appropriate for medium-term projects or to fill a management position for a specific period.

Why call on a Network Manager at REACTIVE EXECUTIVE?

Calling on REACTIVE EXECUTIVE means benefiting from expertise built on 10 years of experience. With a simplified status, without administrative hassle, our transition managers intervene quickly to respond to urgent situations, whether for transformation, turnaround, or relay management.

Whatever the size of your company, from small businesses to large groups, our diverse profiles provide skills adapted to the needs of your company, both in France and internationally.

Need a smooth managerial transition? Consult our relay management solutions at REACTIVE EXECUTIVE. Contact us for more information.

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