Portrait of Julia de Funès
Publié le 14 Dec 2021

Portrait of Julia de Funès

The de Funès family, originally from Andalusia in Spain, became known in the 20th century thanks to several of its members, in particular the comic actor Louis de Funès.


Julia Florence de Funès de Galarza, by her full name, born in March 1979, daughter of Dominique Watrin and Olivier de Funès and granddaughter of Louis de Funès, does not have many memories of her famous grandfather, who died in January 1983 at the age of 68. Being compared to him is one of her worries. She states ” It’s still difficult to go after my grandfather. I am very proud of my name. I am aware that it is a huge chance to call me de Funès. (source: France Sunday).


Julia de Funès holds a Doctorate in Philosophy and a DESS in Human Resources Management. She began her professional life as a headhunter but decided to return to her initial passion, which was philosophy.

Philosopher, author, essayist, animator, she gives conferences in companies to share her analysis and her point of view on specific themes related to management, personal development and current events.

In 2012, the author publishes ” Coup de philo sur les ideas received ” and created a daily program entitled ” Le bonheur très Julia ” broadcast on France 5. She also hosts a philosophy column on BFM Business in the program Club Média RH and launches her philosophy consulting firm ” Prophil conseil ” which works with large companies such as Thales, EDF, Adidas, Canal+, Accor and many others. .

In April 2017, Julia de Funès published her book “ Socrate au pays des processes ” in which she shares her vision of business life, all sectors combined. She brings a fresh, lucid and exterior perspective. She does not hesitate to give her opinion by denouncing the dysfunctions of large organizations which can push certain employees to retrain and even lead them, sometimes, to burn-out.

In September 2018, the philosopher published “ The (in)human comedy ” with Nicolas Bouzou. In this book, the co-author focuses on what paralyzes societies and analyzes the reconciliation between autonomy and authority in business. She does not hesitate to denounce the dysfunctions of companies and useless processes. She wants to give meaning by proposing concrete solutions. For her, the voice of the employees is important. It is “urgent” to allow employees to express themselves freely so that they can give meaning to their work.

In March 2019, the lecturer wrote ” La vie de bureau ou comme je s’en tarde en absurdie “, a book which describes the beginnings of Julia de Funès as a headhunter. She expresses her doubts when she was confronted with experienced candidates occupying complex and technical functions of which she did not understand all the tricks. His studies in philosophy allowed him to revitalize his prejudices and to seek the meaning of everything.

In May 2020, the author published her book ” (Im)personal development: the success of an imposture “. This book denounces the social networks that lead to a densification of the relational environment in which the multiplication of connections alters our relations with others. It demonstrates the link between social media-induced narcissism and emotional detachment.

Julia de Funès’ career is a great source of inspiration. The author is fully in line with the philosophy of her century.

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