Pension reform: a boon for seniors in interim management
Publié le 12 May 2023

Pension reform: a boon for seniors in interim management

The pension reform can be perceived as a godsend for seniors wishing to embark on interim management, thus offering new professional and financial perspectives.

Current context of pension reform

Pension reform is a sensitive and complex subject that has been stirring public debate for many years in France. Despite some improvements in recent years, the country still remains at the bottom of the list of European countries in terms of employment rate for 55-64 year olds: only 56% according to the DARES report , published in April 2022.

Importance of analyzing the impact of the reform on transition management

Pension reform in France is a major issue for seniors, companies and interim management professionals. Indeed, this reform can have a significant impact on the interim management market, which is partly based on seniors wishing to supplement their income at the end of their career.

This reform may in particular influence the demand for interim managers, the promotion of the senior profiles concerned, as well as the types of assignments offered by companies. In this context, it is important to look into the impact of the pension reform on interim management in order to understand the issues and opportunities that arise for players in this market and to better understand the challenges to come in this changing sector.

Interim management in France

Interim management consists of calling upon an experienced manager, called an “interim manager”, to ensure the management of a company or part of it for a fixed period. This professional practice is often used to alleviate a crisis situation, accompany a period of significant change or even meet a specific need.

Evolution of the interim management market in France

The interim management market in France has experienced remarkable growth in recent years. In 2022, approximately 20% of companies have used an interim manager . A strong increase of 18% since January 2021 .

This trend can be explained in particular by the need for companies to adapt quickly to changes in the market or to deal with crisis situations. In addition, the evolution of the interim management market in France is closely linked to societal changes, in particular the pension reform and the increase in life expectancy. Seniors, with extensive professional experience, represent a significant proportion of interim managers.

Current market needs in terms of skills and experience

The needs of companies are more and more specialized and specific. Companies are looking for professionals with extensive experience in their sector of activity, solid skills in project management, as well as a great capacity for adaptation and flexibility to meet the challenges of their missions.

The impact of pension reform on interim management

Increase in the availability of seniors for interim management

While the legal retirement age is expected to rise to 65 by 2030, many seniors are facing difficulties in keeping their jobs or finding a new one. However, interim management is an exception to this trend and values ​​any experienced profile.

Opportunity to acquire new skills for seniors in interim management

Seniors often have extensive experience in their field of activity, as well as an important professional network, which can constitute important assets for success in interim management.
It is entirely possible for seniors to acquire new skills to meet the needs of the interim management market. Training, experience and intellectual curiosity are all tools that allow seniors to train continuously and position themselves in a constantly changing market.

Opportunities for seniors and companies

Improving working conditions for seniors in interim management

Senior professionals in interim management are often faced with constraints related to their age, such as fatigue, health problems or the need to reconcile their professional and personal lives.

To meet these challenges, interim management companies can implement specific measures to improve the working conditions of seniors: flexible working hours, occupational risk prevention programs or specific training to keep their skills up to date. day. This represents an opportunity for interim management companies to retain senior talent and benefit from their experience and know-how.

Contribution of seniors to the development of the interim management market in France

The contribution of seniors to the development of the interim management market in France is essential. Their expertise, know-how, experience and transferable skills are major assets for companies seeking to meet complex challenges and adapt to a constantly changing professional environment. Seniors are thus a valuable resource for the interim management market in France.


The pension reform in France is of significant importance for the development of the interim management market . It thus offers an opportunity for seniors to reposition themselves in the labor market and to put their skills and expertise to good use in the field of interim management. Consequently, the pension reform can contribute to strengthening the quality of interim management services in France and to meeting the specific needs of companies in terms of crisis management, restructuring and business development.

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