Outsourcing, a lever of competitiveness for my company?
Publié le 23 Mar 2021

Outsourcing, a lever of competitiveness for my company?

In a very competitive context, it is essential for a company to focus its energy on its strengths, and to improve its skills in its core business.

Entrusting the members of your team, internally, with tasks that do not directly fall within their competence, can quickly prove to be counterproductive. A delegation of tasks that is poorly carried out internally can even prove to be dangerous for the economic health of your company.

In this context, the delegation of certain projects to external companies is a calculation that can quickly prove to be judicious.

Definition of outsourcing

Outsourcing is also called outsourcing or subcontracting . Outsourcing certain specific projects consists, for a company, of entrusting the management of tasks that are not part of its core business to a specialized external company.

The company that outsources can thus concentrate on its core business, save precious time, improve its skills and thus distinguish itself from other players in the sector.

Outsourcing was historically reserved for tasks with low added value: call centers sometimes located offshore (abroad), payroll management, etc.

However, in recent years, companies have been increasingly using what could be called “ high-end outsourcing ”. Thus recruitment firms, such as Reactive Executive, which delegate interim managers to companies, are on the rise.

These companies are specialized in the delegation of experienced management executives, who take charge of a very specific project, set strictly defined objectives, set up clearly established indicators to achieve them, and generally supervise a team dedicated to the project.

This outsourcing of senior executive skills is sometimes set up to ensure crisis management . Interim managers ensure, for example, the smooth running of a merger requiring the implementation of a social plan, or even a media crisis that calls into question the brand image of the company.

But you can also call on an interim manager to manage projects with a strong economic impact, such as setting up a new service or overhauling the IT system, sometimes internationally.

How does outsourcing positively impact competitiveness?

Outsourcing tasks with high added value has a positive impact on competitiveness . Indeed, a company that outsources skills can focus on its core business and distinguish itself from other players in its sector of activity.

In addition, the outsourcing of tasks has a real impact on the satisfaction of employees, relieved of tasks that do not directly concern their skills, they have the opportunity to fully exploit their potential.

Finally, outsourcing has a positive financial impact : certainly, calling on external skills represents a certain initial cost.

However, profitability is quickly on the agenda for the company, by entrusting tasks to a specialist, the company necessarily saves time and profitability.

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