How to enjoy a useful vacation when you are a manager? Here are 5 tips!

Here it is, the month of August has arrived!

Summer is always a very special moment. It’s time for the turnover between those who go on vacation in July and those who leave in August, the time where companies are slowing down, and the time where inevitably all managers need a break.

Interim managers are no exception. However, it is still very hard for some to completely let go of work for a few days of vacation. It has even become dangerous to say that we might need a break to start off better next September.

So, how can you enjoy a manager’s vacation : useful, enjoyable and productive?

Here are 5 tips for managers :

Take time to listen to some ebooks :

No matter our personal opinions, ebooks are a great way to get knowledge and motivation (depending on the book), while doing something else; most often exercising. But while on vacation, why not listen to an ebook during a lazy afternoon at the swimming pool? Use this summer to listen to many of them, for example, the famous “The 4 hours work week” by Tim Ferris. It is far from the daily life of interim managers, but it contains many inspiring examples useful to them.

Empty your inbox (offline) :

For most of us, we feel spammed on a daily basis by the infinity of emails we receive. Vacation is a great moment to review which kind of subscriptions are really necessary. It is also a time to sort and delete all these emails from our inbox, the latter being often used as a “to do list”. Nothing is more beautiful that an inbox with no emails.

Take time to rest, like for real…

Vacations are a necessity to start off the year on a good note. Take time to rest, to be with your family, your friends, and make loads of great memories worth sharing in September! To rest and be inactive for a few days isn’t conter-productive. On the opposite, that will make you very efficient when you come back!

Check your emails only once a day, at the same hour :

We would all very naturally keep thinking about work and keep connecting to our laptops/smartphones to check our emails, the latest news, social media accounts…etc. But a yearly vacations should allow us to be free from all these daily pressures. Even if you can’t completely “let go” of business, force yourself to check your emails only once a day and if at all possible, always at the same hour. This is a great tip to have a “real” vacation, even for a manager. Furthermore, reply only to extreme urgencies, forward the rest to your workmates 😉


One of the activities we can’t find time for during the crazy moments of the year. Vacation is a perfect occasion to get back to exercising and be in great physical shape. More than just the physical aspect, sport allows us to be free of stress, problems and anxieties that pollute our minds. Also, your vacation destination might have some new and entertaining activities to offer (hike, surf, golf…??).

At Reactive Executive, we are also going to take a few well deserved days off (and apply all the above), after this excellent year with you.

Thank you very much for all the great moments we live by your side everyday.

Have a great vacation!