Digital Transformation and Interim Management

Change happens now…

This catchphrase, which has been well known for several years now thanks to certain French politicians, pretty well indicates what digital transformation is.

At the heart of the 21st century, the concept of digital transformation is not new in itself. The emergence of the Internet in the 90s and its standardization in the early 2000s, have largely promoted the digital transformation.

Moving from paper to digital was just one phase of what is called digital transformation, and cannot be summed up entirely. Times change, digital too.

The digital solutions from 10 or even 5 years ago are drastically different from what is being done today.

Examples of digital transformations

They are well known companies, and took the digital turn to remain known:

  • Société Générale:

The means implemented are to make the digitalization a turning point for both employees and customers. To be seen here: “Digital for All” at Societe Generale – YouTube

  • Mc Donald:

Everything is digitally standardized, for each restaurant, depending on its location. The user experience is also digital, with a profile accessible on any device, even in restaurants.

  • Darty:

Salesmen in many stores are equipped with digital devices and a permanent access to the Darty system to best meet customers’ needs and queries. Many customers are already informed and check each salesman words in real time on their smartphone. The salesmen also have the opportunity to validate a payment without the need to go to the cashiers.

Digital Transformation, an Easy Transition?

In theory, yes. But theory and practice will always remain two very different things.

The theory is that when one understands the logical reasoning of an idea and the possible benefits, one merges toward new methodologies of work almost automatically.

But the implementation of digital transformation can be much more complicated than we think. Depending on the business sector of a company, digital transformation will require different means. A service company and a merchandise sales company will obviously not have the same needs.

The implementation of digital transformation also resonates with costs. Many companies do not concretely know how much the digital transformation will cost to them, and how long this investment will be amortized. The means and techniques for implementing digital transformation change very regularly. What about the big data? How to add it to your digital transformation?

So how do you solve this puzzle?

The Role of Interim Managers in Digital Transformation

For a successful digital transformation, the managers in charge of it must have some experience.

Taking the wrong turn in digital transformation can be an irretrievable mistake for the company.

Interim Managers move from mission to mission, and some have, during their careers, led many digital transformations. A successful transformation is a rapid transformation, calling on the right people, the experience and the talents of multiple profiles, with techniques adapted to the needs of the company, with only positive impact for the customer.

It cannot be improvised.

For your digital transformation needs, our teams are at your disposal. We will gladly combine the talents of the Reactive Executive interim managers with the crucial needs of your company. Contact us!