evaluation de manager

The assessment of performance, in the form of an appreciation system, arrived in France in the 1950s. This moment between managers and employees sometimes gives rise to apprehension, sometimes appreciation. For some, the performance evaluation seems perfectly useless.

Whatever one thinks, the idea that a manager cares about the productivity of his teams is a good thing in itself. The methodology is perhaps in need of a review.

A bad reputation

For many years, performance review was described by many employees as a kind of interrogation. An interrogation in which a superior asked for an accounting, made reproaches on missed goals or unfollowed work processes.

The idea is not to question the motives of some managers who have these trends. No doubt that a Franco-French education could play tricks on their perception of the manager/collaborator relationship. Often, the opinion of the employees was reinforced and did not change: the manager acted as a “little boss.”

Performance Evaluation: A Need?


Let’s get rid of all preconceived ideas, probably due to bad past experiences.

A manager has an imperative need to know the advanced performance and productivity of the company, and therefore its employees. Far from the idea of ​​”copying” that a micromanager could have (see our article: “Is Micromanagement Bad?“); A benevolent and attentive manager needs a return on the company as well as the well-being of his employees.

Interim Managers and Performance Evaluation

Interim managers are well versed in the exercise of evaluating performance.

Time is always very precious to them. They know the deadlines of their missions and the objectives to be reached. It could give the impression that evaluating the competence of the employee is not a priority, but it’s exactly the opposite.

And yet, interim managers are well aware that the appreciation for the work done, the constant support of the teams and the constructive feedback on the actions carried out are fundamental to the success of their mission.

The performance evaluation will only be constructive if it is eagerly awaited by the employees. Interim managers do not lack imagination and creativity to break old traditions and change the setting or context of such a moment. In some cases, it will even be possible for the interim managers to carry out these evaluations without the employees realizing it.

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