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The necessary resource of an up to date company.

At a time where national groups and intermediate sized companies are facing the drastic changes that hit international companies 10 years ago, it seems necessary that a change of course be lead by an experienced leader. The difficulty decision-makers face is being able to rely on leaders with management experience, who have desire to effect a deep change benefitting the company and its employees, as well as an unbiased vision of the goals to reach.

How Interim Management fixes the problem?

One of today’s problems is that well-established and experienced leaders have difficulties adjusting to the new ways the generation Y thinks and acts. Changes are to hard to follow-up with, especially in France, and there is a lack of motivation… It is vital that the company have a tailored leadership in order to be economically viable and reactive.

The solution? Interim Mangers. Often described as “Mr or Ms Reform”, their true role is completely different.

Interim Managers bring almost immediate answers to companies in need.

The Interim Manager is a man or a woman with a lot of experience, capable to plan the future, to anticipate the needs of a company and answer them in an innovative way. Today more than ever before, the Interim Manager must be connected and known for his communication skills, no matter which generation he belongs to. He is a passionate person that shares his experience in the course of his missions. However, the typical profile of an Interim Manager is in constant change, which is an asset in this line of work.

Every company perceives the future in a very personal way. Some need to go beyond the 2.0 barrier, some need a marketing strategy change, and there are also those who face economic crisis that are supposedly said irrevocable. The Interim Manager is capable to adapt to each situation to quickly become a jigsaw piece that completes the puzzle.

Resetting the economic growth, diagnosing real needs and taking the necessary actions, assisting the client in hiring his replacement…these are just some of the missions an Interim Manager can fulfill. He is also the one that will know how to demolish the high walls of traditions in the workplace, and then install a confident and professionally modern atmosphere. Each Interim Manager has his own personality and managing style. But one truth persists : clients sometimes need a facilitator, an organizer or a leader!

The Interim Manager is THE solution for efficient crisis management and setting a new course for the company. He puts his organizational skills to use in deep reorganizations.

However, crisis management isn’t the only mission of an Interim Manager. They are also project leaders in business reorientation, they participate in management relay missions, resizing established performance systems at the same time.

The worldwide economic market proves that a reactive execution allows for economical survival. It’s not about being the most impressive anymore, but about adapting as quickly as possible. Here lies the need to call on experienced people who know how to set off companies economic growth instantly.

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