Is the Interim Manager an Entrepreneur?

Many businesses arise today, born out of a fairly recent professional revolution. The founders of these new companies, often start-ups, almost all identify themselves as entrepreneurs.

What is an Entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur is the one who undertakes a new approach, the one who begins something new, the one who innovates.

Some, like Henry Ford, Yoichiro Honda, Walt Disney or Bill Gates, have shown the way. More recently, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos, among others, became a source of inspiration for Generation Y.

Most entrepreneurs are focused on business almost nonstop. Each activity is a challenge, the taste for risk characterizes them. Obstacles do not scare them, and they always successfully recover from their failures. The work, in “grinding” mode, does not impress them, it is more of a way of life. The desire to learn more and to discover is a constant …

Did you recognize yourself in this description? So no doubt, you must be an entrepreneur.

For interim managers, we will use the term “intra-preneurs”, since they operate within an already existing structure and do not have the goal to remain in the company. But their mindset is the same: they innovate constantly, because missions are rarely identical. They are creative, reactive, and true ambassadors of ongoing training.

Training: The Basic Principle of Interim Managers

To train others to be able to assume their own responsibilities, to train teams, making strategic additions by creating pivotal positions, mastering the panel of talents already available within the company … these are all areas in which entrepreneurs shine, and interim managers excel.

A fashionable phenomenon?

Although the term Entrepreneur/Intra-preneur has been used in recent years, the examples cited above show that it is a real way of living and working, not a passing trend.

It is hard to give the perfect recipe to become an entrepreneur. This being said, entrepreneurs generally get up very early, go to bed late, and check their emails almost permanently. They do not even consider the 35 hour work week … They do not calculate in advance the price of their efforts, but they rejoice at the fruits of their hard work. Even the sky is not a limit!

There is no need to recount the merits and benefits of interim managers. In many struggling companies, intra-preneur managers are a real source of stability and inspiration for employees.

When intra-preneurship becomes a need

In reading these lines, did you think within yourself that this attitude is lacking in your company?

Many seek to change the standards of management, simply with other terms. We hear more and more of humanistic management, disembodied management, or the “true” ethic of management. All these ideas are good in themselves but very often, and especially in France, we say it without doing actually doing it. We define the desires for changes with new terms, without ever applying them. We shake the dust with big gestures, but we just let it fall again. What a shame…

Interim management, through its intra-preneurial base, is one of the basics of managerial success. Long-time interim managers have proved this. Their experience and efficiency are synonymous with a breath of fresh air for many companies in peril, or who simply desire a change, a transformation.

So instead of wanting to shake things up without ever taking action, why not try interim management?

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