interim management

Interim management utilizes experienced professionals to solve the major problems of a company.

When big issues are at stake, companies do not always have the necessary profiles to deal with the crisis.

Interim Managers Profiles

The main requests for interim management usually consist of General Managers, Financial Managers, Human Resources Directors, Production Managers, Digital Production Managers … etc.

Each interim manager has an incredible level of experience after several years in different positions, having faced great challenges in large groups. This type of experience requires men and women with strong personal values, a leadership temper, and an uncommon ability to adapt.

Interim management is not a logical continuation of the professional career of seniors looking for reconversion. It is the use of rare skills and abilities to meet the needs of a company in difficulty or transformation.

The Vocation of Interim Managers

The interim manager always leaves! The missions are approved in advance, and their durations too.

This temporality, however, does not affect the quality of service provided by interim managers, who know how to put in place sustainable measures (effective even after their departure), and train their employees to shoulder their responsibilities.

Benefits for the Company

Interim management is therefore an economic advantage for companies. Applying to an interim management firm such as Reactive Executive ensures the recruitment of a high-performance manager with a secure experience. It is in fact the assurance of a profile perfectly adapted to the needs of the company.

Companies wishing to employ an interim manager by themselves are exposed to the risk of poor recruitment, unfulfilled delivery promises or worse, an unresolved, if not worsened, crisis.

Companies that use interim management show how real their need of reliable skills is. If an error were made in this process, the financial consequences could be disastrous or even irreversible.

Reactive Executive is THE new generation interim management firm that guarantees permanent listening, tailor-made services, and interim managers ready to take on any challenge. So do not hesitate, contact us!