Interim Management

“The root of the work is sometimes bitter, but the flavor of its fruits is always exquisite.” – Victor Hugo

This quote couldn’t be more accurate !

Many trades offer a diversity that keeps us steadfast and determined in our professional life. But where does our joy at work really come from?

A need for ongoing improvement

One of the keys to happiness at work is to constantly search for new challenges to reach.

In reality, stagnation is often synonymous with failure. The lack of improvement in a career can kill the momentum of your personal success.

Be careful not to mistake stagnation for stability. Although these two terms are somewhat similar, their meaning is quite different. Stagnation is not evolving, not developing in different areas. On the opposite, you can remain stable while acquiring new skills and facing new challenges each year.

The Joys of Interim Management

Interim management offers an incredible array of situations leading to joy at work. The situations can vary, but consider the following ones:
* A manager takes part in the training of a member of his staff,
* A manager performs a ‘tailor-made’ recruitment,
* A manager achieves his team development goals,
* A manager meets the expectations of his teams and offers them better working conditions,
* A manager saves a company from a social reorganization involving downsizing,
* A manager allows a company to move from challenger to leader,
… .etc ….

All these joys can be savored by all. But usually its one at a time, or even only one of them.

However, for interim managers, missions are so varied and challenging that they experience all these joys (and many others).

While it is important to thrive at work, it seems crucial to find the true sources of happiness and satisfaction. We live in a time where cheap stereotypical phrases and quotes on happiness appear on social medias on a daily basis. * Here we are in the uberization of happiness ! *

Identifying Sources of Personal Joy

Identifying the real sources of happiness is a solid foundation for improvement. For example :
* Providing real answers to the problems my teams are facing,
* Using all of my skills for the well-being of my company,
* Providing a measurable and quantifiable workload,
* Constantly seeking satisfaction for the work accomplished, etc …

Once the area is identified, you only have to free your ingenuity and shine in activities that bring you true professional fulfillment.

If your company is experiencing a decline in activity and a lack of fulfillment (staff and teams), why not call on an interim manager?

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