The common groups that make the global configuration of a company are known to all. They are made of employees or collaborators, then the management, and sometimes members of the board of directors.

To be a manager is both a humanly rewarding work, and a daily challenge for some. How to manage men and women who have varied profiles?

Though the configuration of a company is regularly the same, there are no two groups of people who are equal. Each company has its character, its strengths and sometimes its weaknesses.

Management: an Art to Grow

Being a good manager can be a task that takes years, and sometimes even an entire career, to be completed.

To manage is the art of being a leader, of always setting the example, of listening, of communicating and of inspiring your employees.

But how to manage many profiles that are sometimes very different? In any enterprise, there are people with completely different characters. Depending on age, culture and experience, each person cannot be managed in the same way.

The Creators/Entrepreneurs

Creators (or entrepreneurs) are particularly exciting profiles, professionally speaking.

Often in search of new challenges, they abound with varied resources and skills, making the wealth of the company. Often, their status as employees does not match their expectations, and they can feel stifled in their creativity.

Interim Management and Creators

Interim managers are experts in management, and often they themselves have this creative, and entrepreneurial side. They know how to give free rein to the creativity of their employees while respecting the limits dictated by the missions.

As an entrepreneur, the interim manager recognizes the importance and value of every part of the business. His vision is not only strategic, he recognizes the people to be highlighted, in order to promote their personal skills.

The composition of a company cannot operate with only the same profiles. All are necessary to the life of the company, its productivity, its success.

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