réunion manager de transition

This quotation is attributed to the philosopher Seneca “the young” : “Errare humanum est, perseverare diabolicum.” Which translated means “Error is human, to persevere in error is evil.”

Each company is made up of men and women dedicated to a cause, aiming (usually) towards the same goal.

That being the case, none of us has an unwavering judgment or wisdom, and we are all subject to the consequences of our mistakes.

What attitude should we adopt to face our mistakes? How to overcome failure? Why should we be prepared for possible business errors?

Managerial Errors?

Many mistakes can be expensive, and well-known examples can help us understand that:

  • Apple Lisa Computer:

Here is what Steve Jobs said to John Scully in 1983: “We are going far beyond IBM. There is nothing they can do once this computer is on the market. It’s so revolutionary, it’s hardly believable.” Today, the Lisa Computer is considered one of Apple’s biggest flops, because of its very poor performance and its very high cost for the time period.

  • William Orton:

President of Western Union Telegraph, he refused to take an interest in the purchase of the telephone patent for $100,000 in 1876.

  • John DeLorean:

No need to comment … The car was an absolute flop, large mechanical engineering flaws and a very bad business management plan caused this entrepreneur’s dream to sink.

The Causes

Often, it is the personality of a manager and his personal desires that lead him to make mistakes, sometimes irreparable.

Here, it’s the lack of hindsight and listening that are targeted. Humility, which is an essential quality for questioning one’s own management, is clearly missing.

Interim Managers’ Strengths

Interim managers know from their experience that the qualities mentioned above are indispensable to them.

Obviously, they are not endowed with miraculous gifts, but their strength lies in their experience. Over the years, they have been able to analyze the managerial errors of their coworkers, to see their own, and to adapt their management accordingly, to perfect it. They do not indulge in a super-immersed ego, and they know not to trust their own judgment.

Each past situation is an experience that they put into profit for companies in difficulty or in transition today.

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