Interim Management

Some cultures promote exchange and sharing of opinions through clear and open communication. On the contrary, other cultures are more reserved or are developing more radical communication codes.

Each company finds, according to its origins and its culture, custom-made communication codes.

In France, the country of the “Revolution” and freedom, expressing one’s personal point of view on issues such as politics or religions, in business or anywhere else, is a right that can’t be confiscated.

Neutrality and Management

This being the case, the communication of the manager (and indeed of the interim manager) often benefits from a neutral framework.

Why ?

To express one’s convictions, whatever they are, is obviously a fundamental freedom. This being so, in the business surroundings, it is sometimes good to limit ourselves with the purely professional topics, or at least topics which do not engage the opinions and personal beliefs.

A manager who loses his neutrality, may sometimes be the trigger of rivalries and splits.

Good Sense and Kindness

The main concern of a lack of neutrality is the inconvenience that it could cause between collaborators and even with customers.

Everyone’s political and religious commitments are personal and private. Sometimes, an overzealous or proselytizing attitude is uncomfortable for the interlocutors, and can even affect the proper functioning of the company.

This is how interim managers use their talent as outstanding communicators. Most of the time, employees or co-managers who lose their neutrality have no intention of harming the company, but are carried away by strong personal emotions.

The interim manager takes the time to listen and communicate with kindness, to resolve these temporarily embarrassing situations.

Interim Management and Force of Neutrality

It goes without saying, therefore, that interim managers must be perfectly apolitical and areligious when they are in a business setting.

Their neutrality is in fact a strength, a powerful asset on which their customers rely upon. They are fully focused on their mission and its success. Nothing diverts them during the mission or makes them lose their determination.

They have only one goal: the success of their mission for the company.

If you also want to use interim management and its assets like neutrality, do not hesitate! Contact us, we will be happy to use the talents of outstanding interim managers to meet the needs of your business.