Now that the Cannes film festival is about to be declared open, journalists and photographers are rushing toward the Côte d’Azur. Paparazzi and fans of all ages rub shoulders for about 10 days, long enough to admire international stars of the seventh art. Whether rising stars or seasoned professionals, actors, directors, producers and writers compete each year with the hopes of putting together THE project that will earn them the famous “Palme d’Or”!

Months or sometimes years are spent working on each film to create a masterpiece worthy of their genius. The many individuals that also work with these talented men and women do so with the same objective in mind: recognition.

Collective success : the Palme d’Or of Interim Managers

The professional world calls for the same requirements, and I dare say the same talents. Many managers feel inspired by their associates, by the challenge and the desire to accomplish a piece of work that will lead the entire team to success. It’s the beauty of humble leaders : they attribute success to the team. Interim Managers are candidates to the Palme d’Or, mission after mission. Each mission has its own load of surprises and distinct challenges to overcome.

But Interim Managers are actors in a social and economic game where the scenarios can change or adapt depending on the economic adversity. It is not possible to rely exclusively on natural talent at that time. The true palmarès, or prize list, is the continued acquisition of experience that springboards an Interim Manager from a small victory to an even greater one. The pride of many Interim Managers is to reassess themselves regularly with the aim to improve, for themselves and for others, and fill their resume with personal and professional accomplishments. This trait that Interim Managers possess, as innovative as it is reactive, allows clients to also be winners even when they face a difficult situation.

Our view of an Interim Manager’s talent

Some of today’s leaders distinguish themselves by their incredible experience, others by their undeniable human qualities, and yet others by their connections. Reactive-Executive Interim Managers are the winners who know how to use all of these to achieve collective success. More than these assets, they truly possess human qualities needed for great leaders. Leaders of men and women of strong potential, they know how to cast a favorable light on skills rather than privileges, and reveal anonymous talents and the future great names of the next company.

Here at Reactive-Executive, this is what animates our passion for the result and for the people, and moves us to fill the needs of all with the talents of countless Interim Managers.