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One of the main reasons why some managers and entrepreneurs give up on their ideas is the non-achievement of professional goals.

Setting goals is a must to be a successful manager. But how to set goals and achieve them properly? What types of goals are we talking about?

Setting goals for yourself is actually quite simple. Everyone can say they want to “be the first in the market” to compete or reach a certain amount in annual sales. But the real difficulty with goals, is to actually keep them.

Often the passing time produces the erosion of beginner’s dreams. And that’s a shame!

5 tips for setting concrete goals, and reaching them

1. Find realistic goals:
Do not let a dream become a goal without studying the issue upstream. For our professional desires to become goals to achieve is fine, but we must first take the time to think about the feasibility of these. Sometimes it will take several “steps,” or intermediate objectives, before actually getting there. It usually takes longer than imagined and can quickly become frustrating if dreams don’t come true.

2. Choose a duration:
All objectives must be subject to a deadline. Be careful not to choose the short term because you want to burn a few steps to go faster. Reasonable goals achieved within a realistic time limit are usually a great success, and a motivation for the next ones!

3. Make to-do lists:
To-do lists help you stay permanently focused on your goals and what comes next. It is a concrete help to finalize and complete one or more tasks that will complete one of your objectives. Staying organized in the accomplishment of our objectives is a crucial step to achieve them.

4. Reassess your goals regularly:
Regular analysis allows you to check on the progress of the objectives. Sometimes, the overall situation of the company or the unexpected turn of certain events does not allow the achievement of the objectives in the initially planned manner. This allows you to set up changes, to complete goals or deadlines and still achieve your goal.

5. Ask for the opinion of a third party:
The opinion of others is your best ally. The tendency to want to complete everything alone to achieve one’s own “dream” hardly ever works. Seeking the advice of a close friend, a collaborator, a member of our family, etc, gives you clear and concrete answers about our weaknesses and strengths to achieve a goal. Of course it must be the opinion of someone you trust, someone caring. If the remarks that are stated do not please you, it is usually because they are true. They will require our humility to put them into practice.

And you, what is your recipe for achieving your goals?