What is your overall impression of interim management? What do you like about interim management?

After working as a staff employee in the food processing and chemicals industries, I started doing interim management: three assignments in three years – all in pharmaceuticals, but in very different situations.
Interim management means using your expertise, flexibility and effectiveness and quickly grasping the issues and the company’s culture.
There are lots of advantages: you are free and independent, proving that you are meeting expectations, developing a new network and meeting great people.

What about being backed by an agency? Why is it important?

It is absolutely necessary to reduce downtime, but not all agencies give you the same level of support!
The assignment I did for Reactive Executive was at a laboratory working on formula innovation, a B2B service.
Reactive Executive is known for close communication between their representative and the interim manager. The representative is there throughout the assignment: he or she calls often, wants to know how you’re fitting into the company, how the assignment is progressing.
What’s more, we stay in touch after the assignment, which guarantees we will work together again!
They’ve really got your back – it’s great support.

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