Why did you become an Interim Manager?

I turned to interim management because I have a taste for challenges and change. My experience exposed me to many crises caused by poorly prepared or painful changes. I know how to defuse these situations and redirect effort so that we can establish operating methods that work in the new context.

Companies that seek out interim managers are looking for people who are flexible and pragmatic and who can jump right in so they assimilate quickly and start adding value. The manager’s technical and leadership experience give the client company confidence.

Maintaining relationships with other interim managers and the agency is critical because it allows you to have perspective and be sure of the decisions you make, because you’re working without a net in urgent contexts.

This career gives me tremendous freedom and I have a great working relationship with the firm. Plus, you have to be results oriented. Also, the relationships you forge with the staff are often very powerful and enriching.

Antoine Mercier on LinkedIn

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