Learn about the profession

The interim manager's job

Interim management is a fully-fledged profession that requires experience. The people we seek out must have chosen to become transition managers and must demonstrate their ability to adapt regardless of the business sector (manufacturing, health/pharmaceuticals/chemicals, consumer goods/retail, finance, etc.) and the function (overall leadership, human resources, finance, procurement/supply chain, etc.).

What are the advantages of being a transition manager?
  • Interim managers have more independence and autonomy
  • Interim managers are outside the company; they are not dependent on "policy" strategies and can therefore make decisions without worrying about existing practices.
  • Interim managers get up and running quickly in their assignments and can measure their direct contribution to a project (performance improvement, crisis management, change management, etc.).
  • Interim managers focus on a single objective in the company's general interest, namely to ensure the assignment is successful and deliver results.

Becoming an interim manager

  • Interim managers are people of action with outsized skills compared to the tasks assigned to them.
  • Interim managers guide companies through periods of change and transformation.
  • Interim managers are impartial; they do not seek power, but rather to achieve the project goals.
  • They know how to make the right decisions quickly based on their own professional experiences which are often quite similar
  • Thus interim managers can take on transition assignments “at the drop of a hat” and can harness their culture of results and natural leadership skills to motivate teams and bring them together
  • They must be 100% willing to relocate

Reactive Executive is devoted to proposing transition managers with unassailable professional skills as well as the right attitude, which is just as critical to a successful assignment.

Trends in the interim management profession

Interim management is now considered as a profession in its own right. There is a greening trend in the profession as more and more executives undergoing career transitions consider moving into interim management because they have a strong culture of results and because this field offers greater freedom.