The use of Interim Management is quite common in the industrial sector. Our interim management firm provides you with interim managers who have already proven themselves in the industrial sector to manage all types of problems: crisis management, executive replacement, change management, etc.

Their perfect knowledge of this business sector enables them to be operational very quickly in order to provide concrete solutions to crisis or change situations in France and abroad: management of a project to restore the financial balance of an industrial site, external growth of an industrial group or implementation of a Job Protection Plan (PSE) in a textile group. Our Transition Managers are involved in the main families of this sector of activity: automotive, mechanical engineering, metallurgy, food processing, textiles, steel industry, paper industry…

Transition mission in the industrial sector

In the industrial sector, transition missions are frequent. The creation of new products or their manufacture often requires specific skills. Sometimes, these are strategic projects that require the presence of an experienced manager: site closure, crisis or change management, mergers and acquisitions, international development or economies of scale are missions that are entrusted to a seasoned manager who will take a fresh look at the file.

The importance of the industrial sector

The industrial sector is a very dense market. It includes the chemical, pharmaceutical, food processing, metallurgy, electronics, machine production, textile, wood, paper, printing, toy, furniture and jewelry sectors, not forgetting, of course, the production of energy with power plants and hydroelectricity. Without industry, there would be no light, no medicine, no clothing, no transportation or, even worse, no smartphone! With a contribution of 12.4% of the national GDP, the industrial sector is one of the main drivers of the French economy.

The diversity of jobs in the industry sector

The breadth of the industry’s scope implies a great diversity of professions. In 2014, more than 3 million people worked in the French industry sector. From R&D departments to customer warehouses, there are a large number of engineers, designers, technicians or buyers. In the offices, accountants, financiers, logisticians or human resources departments complete this vast panorama. In addition to its productive diversity, this market is also characterized by the variety of its structures. Microenterprises and SMEs employ nearly 37% of the sector’s employees. This is slightly more than medium-sized companies (35%) or large companies (28%).

Human skills at the heart of industrial life

Always on the move, the industrial sector needs many skills. Some of these needs require very high managerial skills in a specific field, but only for a few months. It can be a question of replacing at short notice a manager who is absent for health reasons or who has resigned, of leading a change in the organization, of bringing a site to financial equilibrium, of a merger-acquisition, of the takeover of a competitor, of the closing of a factory, of the opening of a new site, of the implementation of a job-saving plan (PSE) in a textile group, of the development of a new product line, etc.

Transition Manager in the industrial sector, the range of skills

These missions can be entrusted to a Transition Manager. This professional has a degree and a long experience in this type of project. His perfect knowledge of this sector of activity allows him to be operational very quickly and to establish a complete diagnosis in a few days. He then provides concrete solutions at an important moment in the life of the company, in France or abroad. This natural leader will be able to put his teams in battle order in order to succeed in his mission within the agreed deadlines. Our interim management firm provides interim managers who have already proven themselves in the industry sector to manage all types of problems. Contact us today to define the needs of your industrial transition assignment and select the right manager.

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