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Thanks to the multiple experiences of our transition managers in the field of finance and investment funds, our Transition Management firm offers you a solution adapted and efficient to your activity.

Our managers are able to manage all types of projects, such as setting up the fundamentals of finance in the company, assisting the director in the creation of a financial function following the acquisition of a stake in the capital by an investment fund… The corporate finance sector covers many professions. The financial, administrative and accounting directors are the main leaders. Their responsibilities are fundamental to the sustainability of the entity. However, certain periods in the life of the company require specific skills that the teams in place lack. Interim management in the finance sector is a timely option, adapted to the current needs of companies.

The importance of the finance sector

The corporate finance sector is, along with public and private finance, one of the components of the financial sector as a whole. The main responsibilities of the CFO are to improve the profitability of the company through regular reporting, analysis of internal and external data, participation in the definition of the group’s strategy and ensuring its implementation. The interim CFO is therefore the interlocutor of external actors (the Treasury, lenders, investors, banks…) and the first to be informed of the decisions of the company’s leader.

CFOs are generally confronted with problems that can be classified in three different categories: assessing the interest of investments, looking for good investment formulas and guaranteeing the best remuneration to shareholders.

The diversity of jobs in the finance sector

Depending on the size of the company, the CFO may have the accounting department, the administrative department, the tax specialist, the treasurer and even the human resources manager under his or her command.

This combination of responsibilities means that a manager often considers the CFO to be his or her main collaborator and the person in charge of the back office. As such, he or she is in the front line during the company’s major events: the sale of a business unit, the acquisition of a competitor (merger and acquisition), an international development, a major investment, an IPO, the closure of a site, etc.

The interim manager to fill a gap

The complexity of these projects requires a real knowledge based on a maximum level of education and successful experiences in a particular field. The nature of these projects also implies that the work must be carried out within a limited time frame. Interim management is the perfect answer to this requirement. Interim managers in the financial sector are skilled in managing specific stages of a company’s strategy. In general, they intervene in the life of a company for 6 to 18 months. Once the objective of their mission is achieved, they leave for other horizons and a new adventure.

Thanks to the multiple experiences of our interim managers in the field of finance and investment funds, our interim management firm can offer you a solution that is adapted and efficient to your business. Let us know your needs and together we will establish a transition mission in the field of finance for your company. We will then be able to introduce you to interim managers who correspond to the defined criteria. You will choose the manager who suits you. He or she will be available at short notice and will quickly implement the agreed action plans.

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