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Although they cover distinct activities, the banking and insurance sectors share many common features. The combination of these two sectors has given rise to the banking and insurance industry. It is a dynamic, creative, and highly controlled financial market. Faced with ambitious objectives and constant changes, it requires specific skills during specific periods. Banking and Insurance Transition Management offers reliable and sustainable solutions.


Overview of the banking and insurance sector

The convergence of the banking and insurance sectors has accelerated with the development of the Internet and electronic banking. The banking sector has developed an insurance offer around the management of a current account or a credit, such as insurance on means of payment (loss of card or checkbook), on loss of income (unemployment, accident…), then on usual products such as home or car insurance.

As for the insurance sector, it now offers banking services. Banking and insurance is a sector that is still in the midst of change with banks taking control of insurance networks and vice versa. These mergers and acquisitions are accompanied by the appearance of new financial groups. The number of projects to be completed is increasing. Consequently, the need for interim management in the banking and insurance sector is significant. They affect the front office as much as the back office. They favor the creation of Transition missions in the insurance and banking sectors.

Qualities of banking and insurance managers

The banking and insurance sectors employ more than 500,000 people. There are many professional profiles within the sector, both functional and institutional. There is a great demand for financial directors, tax specialists, asset managers, financial engineering specialists, market operation analysts, as well as lawyers, accountants and computer specialists.

In terms of training, the range is just as wide, but university courses specializing in banking, finance or insurance are obviously the most common. The human qualities required to effectively manage a bank or insurance company are the ability to listen, in order to understand a client, and the knowledge of existing products and services in order to meet their expectations. You must be able to handle figures, be interested in current events, know how to negotiate, challenge yourself regularly, and be determined.

Advantages of the interim manager

In a period of major organizational and structural changes, it is sometimes necessary to strengthen the existing team by adding the skills of a specialist.

These projects are of short or medium duration. You usually need a seasoned professional for 6 to 18 months . A project manager, a system manager, a human resources manager, a financial manager, a legal specialist… Interim Management in banking and insurance provides you with a complete and lasting solution.

Our managers regularly carry out transitional missions in the banking and insurance sectors. These experts have the appropriate diplomas and long experience in this type of project. They are quickly available and fully committed to their mission. They are determined and committed to respecting the agreed dates.

To find the manager capable of making a success of your transition mission in the banking and insurance sector, contact us. We will listen to your project, define the steps and the profile of the professional that suits you. Whatever the sector of intervention, we will select the candidates able to complete your project. Finally, you will appoint the Transition Manager who inspires you. In the days that follow, this strategic or operational manager will be at work and leading his or her teams.

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