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Are you looking for an Interim Plant Manager to fill in for the absence of the person who was in charge or reinforce the current management team? Would you like to entrust this task to a competent Production Site Manager, who can adapt quickly and successfully carry out an interim mission? Reactive Executive, your Interim Management firm will provide you with all the support you need to make this project a success.

An Interim Site Manager for a few months

Different events can lead you to entrust the helm of a production site to an Interim Manager.

Your Plant Manager is absent for health reasons, has resigned from his/her position or has been dismissed. You are working on a major project, Human Resources restructuring, site expansion or closure, transformation, reduction of operating costs, etc., and you would like to reinforce your current management team.

Which tasks can your interim manager carry out?

Our Interim Site Managers can take on the administrative, technical and financial responsibility for the production unit under his/her supervision.

  • They manage the production facility
  • They follow the preventive maintenance schedule and initiate the necessary repairs.
  • They master continuous improvement methodologies (JIT, Kanban, 5 S..).
  • They are familiar with the HSE standards specific to their sector (ISO 9000, Amdec…).
  • They participate in audits and implement corrective action plans to improve production.
  • They analyze and organize the needs and performance of Human Resources.
  • They maintain a favorable social climate.
  • They steer negotiations with clients and suppliers.
  • They analyze their dashboard to ensure the achievement of sales and EBIT.

Urgency and the exceptional

The Interim Plant Managers that we present to you are very experienced. Available within a few days, they can fill the unexpected absence of the current Manager. This will allow you to comfortably search for the successor you need afterwards. Our Interim Site Managers not only perfectly oversee the day-to-day operations of a production facility, but they also have real experience in major strategic projects. They know how to propose an investment budget and supervise its implementation. They can also manage a social plan, a site closure or the transfer of the production facility.

The Interim Manager and his/her interlocutors

The Interim Plant Manager reports to the company’s Chief Executive Officer or General Manager. He/she is a member of the steering committee. In a traditional work environment, he or she is in contact with all departments in the company: Production, Quality, Safety, Maintenance, Human Resources, Training, Accounting, as well as Sales and Marketing. He/she is also in contact with suppliers, subcontractors and clients.

Our Interim Site Managers’ experience and know-how. Most of our Interim Plant Managers have general or specialized engineering degrees. They are former students from the Mines, the École Polytechnique, the Icam… They have a real knowledge of production unit management in all the sectors concerned by the plant’s activity. They have many years of professional experience, some of which were spent abroad.

The Interim Site or Plant Manager’s skills

In addition to his or her technical knowledge, a Production Site Manager who performs an Interim Management mission must be open-minded, adapt quickly to his or her new environment and have a results-oriented approach. He or she must have a strong sense of responsibility, because, in criminal matters, he or she can be considered as the Head of the company. He/she is authoritative and demonstrates a heightened sense of organization. He/she knows how to take a step back in order to have a global vision and make strategic decisions. A hands-on and strategic person, he or she is always available.

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